Making Demands

Whenever someone suggests that you demand things from the Creator, to compel or test it, immediately see standing before you ignorance. Innocent and well-meaning ignorance it may well be but nonetheless a Doofus it is. All of us on this planet are holy. All of us on this planet are also mistaken. That is why we believe ourselves to be here, and that is why the planet is here. We are all therefore a holy doofus working our way back home.

Become at peace with the way things are. If you feel like dancing, dance. If you feel like singing, sing. If you feel like being angry, be angry. Being genuinely angry is better than falsely happy. Fake it till you make it is for fakers, period. This whole thing is fake, why add to it.

Every time you fight the world, tempt faith, try to prove some point, all you are doing is reinforcing the false and ignoring the true.

Ask yourself, who am I trying to convince? What am I trying to change? When you can answer, no one and no thing, you will have understood a great truth. And in that moment you will also see that every Doofus is a forever brother with an indispensible part to play in the salvation of all.

Love yourself so that you will be able to love all.

Until tomorrow,





Hell No, We Want Go!

Talk to anyone, almost literally, and they will tell you war is an anathema. An abhorrence and an abomination that aught to be eradicated not just from the face of the planet but also from the human consciousness. Yeay! On ya everyone! You rock!

Hang on a sec tho. Hold on right there jackaroo. Something just don’t add up. Let’s play that little tune one more time; war is the pits. Everyone says so. Ok makes sense, I can dig it. But why then does everyone either have a war going, has sent its young men and women into one, or, is in some way, shape or form supporting one?

Put that question to Mr and Ms Everyone and out slides the old stockie; stock standard answer that is. She slides out smoother than a precisely machined piston into a well-oiled cylinder. You see everyone’s been rehearsing it since, well, like forever, What can I do? I mean, I don’t make the rules. I don’t get a say. Mutters everyone with a sad inflection.

And so the carnage keeps on. The hand wringing persists, and the lies bound like large black hellhounds across barren fields for as far as the eye can see and mind conjure. The trinkets get shinier, the rotting bones of the dead pile up higher and the human tragedy continues singing the song of black lies and beautiful delusions. Ahhh makes ya all warm and fuzzy. Ego plan working like a fine Swiss timepiece.

You don’t need me to tell you what the basic human wants and desires are, right? Nice house, good job, financial security, a nice holiday every now and then and so on and so forth. Not putting any of that down by the way, I am saying however that the things that truly matter, the things that dwarf the nice house, financial security and holidays almost into insignificance aren’t even on the radar for the majority of people.

And yet, if the things that truly matter were achieved there would be no other wants. Everything else would almost literally fall into place, or, float away into insignificance where it belongs.

What are those magical things? They’re not magical at all, actually. They are the basics. Happiness. Joy. Contentment. Love.

I’m not telling you anything new here dear reader. You have experienced it yourself. Remember when you first met, became infatuated and fell in love with that certain someone? Remember? You could have lost a limb, all your money and had your house burn down to the ground and you would have shrugged it off with a casual, We’ll be right. We got each other. And here’s the kicker. You would have been perfectly alright!

So what happens? Same people. Same weather. Same economy. Same sky and often under the same roof? What changes?

I’ll tell you what changes. The ugliness comes out to play.

Yeah, I know. That’s not a very nice thing to say. Why it’s downright deflatin’ right there Nick. What you tryin’ to do, boy?

Answer. I’m doing my best to tell the truth. It’s the truth that sets us free. You know those books that you buy that tell you everything’s just peachy. That all you gotta do to be knock, knock, knockin’ on your personal Nirvana’s door is- BE POSTIVE! That crap- and let me tell you I used to read that stuff so I’m most certainly not judging anyone for doing it- is what keeps people bound in chains of misery. Why? Because it’s not true.

Oh sure, being positive is great. Beats misery any day of the week. If you can be positive when stuff isn’t going real well, cool. You’re ahead of the rest of us, keep that going while you’re working on the rest. But if anyone tells you that being positive will solve all your problems, tell him/her that you’re positive they are a fraud. Or ignorant. Or both.

In case you haven’t noticed it dear reader, there is a little ugliness, nastiness, a little bit of evil if you will, in all of us. Even in you. Yes ma’am and yes my good sir, even in you.

That’s what brings us here for Pete’s sake! No big deal. It is what it is as they say. All good. Let’s recognise it, embrace it, and get to rectifying it.

You know how they reckon god went and fashioned Adam out of mud and stuff? Well there was a little bit of impurity in the mud. Why, yes there was! Now, that there good book conveniently skips over that part, on account it don’t want you to start thinking that god was negligent and didn’t purify the mud before making his kids outta it. You get that right? Makes perfect sense, yes?

Oh, you don’t think so? Well, nor do I. Just testing y’all.

Seriously though, dear reader, the bottom line is simple, clear and never blurred. We like to blur it every now and then but really, it’s always crystal clear and can be summed up with an old cliché;

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Until tomorrow,





Make Love Not War

As anyone who has read my blog posts, and or visited my site knows, Make Love Not War is the slogan I’m fond of.

I started using it by accident. When I was setting up the blog site I felt I needed a slogan and the idea that Love was the most precious thing of all popped into mind. Also, Love does, I believe, heal everything. That’s some kind of statement, but it is one I believe to be gospel, as they say.

The hippies, back in the day, had it right all along. But, you know what the rest of the world did? Laughed at the hippies. Made them out to be a joke. They were even beaten and abused. A bunch of long hairs on one long, communal, acid trip. What do they know? Always smiling’ and whatnot. No normal folk are that happy.

Interesting isn’t it. How the peddlers of Love are almost always ridiculed, dismissed as ratbags, or worse, and even killed. Think Jesus Christ, the original hippie in many ways.

This world is filled to the brim with hypocrites. This is the world of hypocrites. Shouting about the virtues of love and the desire for it, yet whenever love shows up it’s maltreated and killed. Pretending to exalting the virtues of lawful and orderly behavior yet indulging in rip-offs, feuds, sanctioned murders and wars on a daily bases.

Here’s an example of the twisted behavior I’m talking about, and one directly associated with this, Make Love Not War, slogan. As just about everyone around the globe knows, that slogan has been around since the 1960’s and has a deep and significant history. It emerged and stood as a powerful anti Vietnam War statement. It has since grown, I believe, to represent love and peace, period. And yet, it is to this day not taken seriously. Mention it and instead of getting a positive show of serious ackgnowledgment you get a nod, a smile and, ahhh the hippies.

The world hasn’t changed much.

The phrase’s origins are unclear but it’s meaning is crystal, and commonsensical. Think about it, from a personal point of view. When you’re making love what do you think about? Okay, okay, I don’t really want to know, but I’m guessing the last thing you’re thinking about is impaling some dude like a chicken shish kebab. Am I right? Besides, hard to be taken seriously as a warmonger when you’re naked.

Only the insane would prefer making war to making love. And there it is, dear reader, the answer.

So what will you do that’ll make a difference to your life tomorrow?

Until tomorrow,





Less is More. Love is the Most

They say, dear reader, that sometimes, “Less is More.” I agree. Indeed, oftentimes that is the case, leastways it should be. But humanity being humanity screams a different chorus, the one that echoes; It ain’t necessarily so. It’s not that humanity enjoys the screaming and the bellowing, it’s that the human race takes refuge, or so it believes, behind the walls of noise.

Today, here, less will be more;

In the silence of the night, Wisdom came into my chamber and stood by my bed. She gazed upon me like a loving mother, dried my tears and said: “I have heard the cries of your soul and have come here to comfort you. Open your heart to me and I shall fill it with light. Ask and I shall show you the path of Truth.

The late, great Kahlil Gibran wrote that and all I can say is – Amen Brother.

Enjoy this day, my dear reader, enjoy it in ways that make YOU content. Don’t let the world dictate what it is you should enjoy. The world don’t know the difference between human refuse and vanilla ice-cream.

Love is the most!

Until tomorrow,




Today, dear reader a Zen story. See what you think of it.

Banishing a Ghost

The wife of a man became very sick. On her deathbed, she said to him, “I love you so much! I don’t want to leave you, and I don’t want you to betray me. Promise that you will not see any other women once I die, or I will come back to haunt you.”

For several months after her death, the husband did avoid other women, but then he met someone and fell in love.

On the night that they we re engaged to be married, the ghost of his former wife appeared to him. She blamed him for not keeping the promise, and every night thereafter she returned to taunt him.

The ghost would remind him of everything that transpired between him and his fiancée that day, even to the point of repeating, word for word, their conversations. It upset him so badly that he couldn’t sleep at all.

Desperate, the man sought the advice of a Zen master who lived near the village.

“This is a very clever ghost,” the master said upon hearing the man’s story.

“It is!” replied the man. “She remembers every detail of what I say and do. She knows everything!”

The master smiled, “You should admire such a ghost, but I will tell you what to do the next time you see it.”

That night the ghost returned. The man responded just as the master had advised. “You are such a wise ghost,” the man said, “You know that I can hide nothing from you. If you can answer me one question, I will break off the engagement and remain single for the rest of my life.”

“Ask your question,” the ghost replied.

The man scooped up a handful of beans from a large bag on the floor, “Tell me exactly how many beans there are in my hand.”

At that moment the ghost disappeared and never returned.

To me this story has a certain interpretation and message. To you it will most probably have a different meaning with emphasis on something meaningful to you.

Bottom line, we all interpret in accordance with our own views and biases. Such is the beauty, and the tragedy, of man.


Until tomorrow,




Why did you leave me?

You know dear reader, we are just the funniest lot of misfits, us humans! Aren’t we? Why yes we are. We are so good at lies we embrace them as pure truth straight off the mountaintop. Yes we do. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it? Being so good at the black arts of deception.

We talk about, write volumes about and recite endlessly about love and its godly powers it’s almost enough to give you gas. Love cures all! Love is all there is! There is no happiness but love! Money can’t buy you love! And so on and so forth. Yessir, mmmhhh, that IS the truth! Murmour and confirm the multitudes.

Then there are songs. How many love songs are there? Best answer is, Lots! And lots, and lots more. Everyone is looking for love, right? Everyone. When I find love, boy! My life will be so different. I don’t care if he’s rich, poor, got two heads or seven arms, if I love him, I will love him. Yes! And when I fall in love it’ll be forever.

And so it goes. Looking, looking, looking. Then, they find IT! Oh my. It’s love. Off we go, a movie, dinner, first kiss, night together, meet mum and dad. Nuptials. Or no nuptials, who needs them anyway, we got us Love!

After a time there is generally the pitter-patter of happy little feet. No, not the cute little penguins in the movie Happy Feet. The pitter-patter of a little kiddie. Cute!

But then, way, way too often there’s trouble in paradise. The charming Romeo turns into the Ogre. The princess has taken a hit from the chores, and the responsibilities and often a full time job also. There always seems to be “too much month at the end of the money,” as the late and great Jim Rohn used to say. And happy union come the complete circle; meet, love, togetherness, reality, Judge splitting the assets.

And that dear reader is the reality of life, in the huge portion of cases. Not to mention those who stay together out of duty, obligation, religion, and “for the sake of the kids.”

Why am I on about this? This you might say, ugly side of life? Wouldn’t it be easier, and nicer, and more popular, to write about nice things? Loving things. There are no weeds, only opportunities, type things?

Yes. It would be much easier to write about and verbal on about sugar and spice and all things nice. One problem … it wouldn’t be the truth, the whole truth. That would be the easy way out for me also. Spinning cool little lines, telling you everything is alright and there’s no pain. If you want that go to the nearest bookshop and you’ll find stacks and rows of self-help books that teach and preach positivity until it’s running down your leg. It’s not the truth though.

You know what else however? The reason those books come and go as so much toilet paper is because that’s what the majority of that stuff is filled with— the stuff toilet paper cleans up.

Bottom line is this, dear reader, the ugly side of life exists. Everyone has it. Everyone lives it. Everyone needs to accept it.

Acceptance is the first step to recovery.

You know what the first thing is they make an alcoholic say before the recovery program starts? I’m an alcoholic! You can’t fix an issue you don’t think you have, or, are hiding from.

Same thing here. You don’t start the trip from darkness into the light before seeing, admitting and owning up to the fact that you are in the dark.

Until tomorrow,




Love in your heart

In yesterday’s blog post I asked; What is the ladder leading out of this place? And offered the answer; Love.

The answer is, as I see it correct. In fact Love is the answer to every question. Well, perhaps not to the question, What’s the best thing to spread over your toast? That’s clearly Vegemite. But since Vegemite is love in a jar anyway, it kind of boils down to the same thing. Seriously though, Love is the cure all. There is nothing Love cannot heel, cure and or make good.

So why such a fuss about accepting Love? It’s far more than fuss in fact. It’s outright avoidance, and often outright violent pushback. Why is it that the proverbial horse will allow itself to be lead to the water but by god will not drink no matter what? It’s like the proverbial horse would rather drop dead of thirst on the riverbank than drink.

Humanity is like that proverbial horse. The horse has its mouth clenched tight humanity has its heart clenched just as tight, if not tighter.

You’d think humanity would be rushing headlong and without pause or consideration into the arms of Love as opposed to avoiding it like the black plague. Why?

The answer is fear. No. Not fear. It’s sheer terror.

Within the human consciousness, running deep into its very heart, is the terror created by the separation. When the Created took a leap into the unknown and made up its own world humanity was born. Immortality was lost, Creation forgotten and the Creator made into a ruthless hunter of his own children, whom he will tear limb from limb then throw the screaming, tormented remains into the pits of hell to remain there so screaming and tormented forever more. That’s the insane delusion anyway.

The truth of the matter is diametrically different. The Creator is Love. Consider that for a moment. L O V E.

Now, even a skerrick of logic, forget faith or belief, just a smallest bit of logic will show that theory as senseless ramblings of fevered minds. Think about it. If the Creator of all things, wanted to do away with his dissenting children, how much effort would it take? I’ll tell you how much effort it would take, somewhere between zero and .001 or perhaps even a touch less.

So why doesn’t He wave the hand, so to speak, smite the water with His great sword and by so doing create the great wave with which to drown all dissenters, unbelievers and heavenly renegades?

Because the only vengeance is in the minds of the ones who think they have disconnected from the heavenly realm. This delusion of the vengeful father is a self-induced delusion. It does not exist. Just as nothing that the descended ones have made exists. It is all a delusion, an error that was righted in the instant that it was made.

Do you really, truly believe the one true Creator would huff, and puff and thunder as was portrayed in this passage in the movie Pulp Fiction;

“And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.” 

That’s a biblical passage by the way. You believe the Creator to be such a being? No? Neither do I. And yet, vast, vast leagues of people believe the Creator to be of just that; a coldblooded murderer.

Tremble and obey, lest He strikes thee down and cooks thee up into a stone and poison ivy stew!

Absolute and utter crap, the lot of it. Throw that rubbish down the toilet. It belongs with the sewage and replace with doing your best to live with love in your heart and peace on your lips.

Until tomorrow,