Strange Thoughts and Other Things

A strange though came to mind, dear reader. Not strange as in weird, but in an interesting, albeit uncomfortable, sort of way. What is the worst thing that can happen to one?

I mean, like wow, who wants to ponder that, right? Mind gets into bit of an overdrive, of the edgy kind let’s call it, just trying to deal with and process that. Perfectly understandable too. The first impulse is to turf that negative fiend headfirst out of mind and embrace a positive and happy one, just like the self-help books recommend. Yeay team!

It’s all about happy, positive, vibrant and successful lives, right! There’s no place for negatives. Fake it till you make it. Life is a sandwich; birth one slice, death the other, it’s up to You, what You put in-between. So, how’s Your sandwich? Tasty or sour? Yeay team!

I mean really? Where does that come from? Planet Dellusia? But then it’s all about perspective, or more to the point state of mind. Perspective is a result of whatever state mind is in. When mind is in a state of love for example, the “love-focus” can do no wrong. Everything is like an awesome, hot, soft and dreamy short-stack of mum’s hotcakes, with a dollop of maple syrup; real maple syrup too, made from the sap of the sugar maple tree, not the stuff gussied up to be maple but is really corn syrup. No offense to corn of course.

Perspectives are interesting things. My perspective on the matter is this, a person says. What they really mean is- this is what I think. I don’t really know and I’m offering you my best guess.

Beware of perspectives, dear reader, they are but matters of perception, and perception is a view, an opinion.

You know what? And this may sound awfully negative, but if you consider it, it isn’t. It’s a fact. No one knows anything. Not really. Everything in the system called human life is based on assumptions. And assumptions change by the minute. Some are accepted as truths and absolutes but it only takes some strange, unknown occurrence for things to be thrown into chaos and called into question.

We are a civilized society! It is resolutely and stalwartly declared. And the masses nod and murmur in agreement. Next thing you know our sons and daughters are being rounded up and sent off to fight some war in some dustbowl because some despot had his precious ego bruised.

Here’s the rub though. The despot, like any rabid dog barks, growls, foams at the mouth and basically wets themselves at the very thought of murder and mayhem on a huge scale. They raise armies and thousands die. True, right?

Ask yourself this however, dear reader, why? Why do people respond? Why do millions rally to the despots call? Why do whole nations gather up under the despot banner, put on freshly pressed uniforms with shined up buttons and march grim faced and determined, and charge into the jaws of death at a simple command to do so.

Unfortunately the answer is relatively simple. Because people want to.

Too simplistic? Ego will tell you it is. Ego will come up with endless psychological, biological, ideological and terribly meaningful reasons as to why people ‘really’ commit the terrible things they do. But it is relatively simple. They want to. They enjoy it.

For every war to stop, right now, all it would take is for all soldiers, all combatants, to lay down their arms. That’s it. What would the warlords do? Go fight it out between themselves? Don’t be ridiculous. Those cowards are only good at one thing; sending others to die. Think of it, what happens to the leaders and high rankers after wars? They are offered places to live, in the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed naturally, elsewhere, while their people bury their dead, endure terrible hardships, mourn and rebuild.

Terrible, aren’t they, these warlords? Beastly individuals, responsible for untold hardships, treachery and millions of deaths.

Actually, No! They aren’t.

The ones responsible are the those who listen and willingly follow. That’s the truth of it, and no amount of objecting will change it. So lets stop pretending and get serious. Where you go, and whatever you do, is ultimately your choice.

Until tomorrow,



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