It Ain’t necessarily So

There’s an old song with lyrics, which at first glance, are shall we say, a little light. When looked at a little deeper however, there’s a line or two that carry within their simplicity the great core of truth.

Although when you consider that the great Ira Girshwin wrote the lyrics, we shouldn’t be at all surprised.

The song is, “It Ain’t necessarily So,” and folks, it most surely ain’t.

For example the line, “The t’ings dat yo’ li’ble to read in de Bible, It ain’t necessarily so.”

Good advice that. For instance: Thou shalt not boil a kid in its mother’s milk. Exodus 23:19 And all the kids went, Yeay! To that little beauty.

I think that anyone who has given any thought to the realities and vagaries of life quickly arrives at the brutal truth of it; although the Bible has within its covers many a great and comforting truths, not everything within it is necessarily so.

How could it be? It was written by human beings after all. At the risk of shattering the illusion for some, God didn’t actually sit down, wrote the first draft, sent that off to the editor, waited, got it back, re-wrote, second edit, and final draft. Although, just quietly, I wish he had of … might have ‘learn’t’ some of them publishers a bit of humility. Jus’ sayin’.

The Bible is a book written by people. And even if God did the dictating Himself, there’d be errors in translation.

Why am I carrying on about this? Because I want to drive home the simplest message of all. And it is this. Life is what it is. Everyone has their own.

Now you may think that’s kind of a silly statement to make. Thank you Captain Obvious. Of course everyone lives their own life. Like Nick, hello! No one lives someone else’s life. Fool, that isn’t even possible.

And you’d be right thinking that. It isn’t possible. Yet people do keep on trying … hard! Why do you think superstars exist. Prance around and make like they are god’s gift to humanity. It’s like those folks excrete perfumed waste.

Think about it. Why are they special? Why are they placed on pedestals and given fortunes to, in essence, make the great masses of humanity appear small and ordinary? But more to the point, why does the said humanity lap it up? No. Not just lap it up, humanity demands it.

It has been so forever. Think kings, queens, noblemen and women, cardinals, priests, generals, leaders of this, leaders of that? There always has to be someone to “lead the way.” No matter where you go. Someone better than the rest is appointed.

I mean seriously folks. What the …

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about folks that specialize in things and then go on to pass on their knowledge and guide the rest by the very virtue and benefits of that knowledge. I’m talking about the mass murdering egomaniacs like Hitler, Amin, Stalin, and that little charmer the noblewoman Countess Elizabeth Bathroy. The list could go on, and on, and on. No need however, you get my point. Why do people hold such lunatics up as special, and follow them to their own demise?

A mystery of mankind ay? No. Not really. It’s all about that idiot concept some call the original sin. Many will laugh it off, but do so at your own peril. You see if it weren’t for that monster, this would be a happy place.

Buried deep within the very fiber of humanity is the original terror. A terror based on the belief that the Creator was mighty miffed when the Created went off and split. Allegedly.

I say allegedly because it never happened except in the imaginations of those that made themselves believe it did.

Here is a very simple piece of evidence that all fear is inside ones own mind. Everyone, and I mean everyone, believes there is a greater power than man. By way of simple deduction therefore if that Higher Power wanted us gone, guess what? Poof! Gone. Done. Dusted. Scorched Earth.

It hasn’t happened though, has it. And by the way many carry on sometimes I think it’s a miracle. Yet here we are.

What does that fact alone tell you?

Until tomorrow,



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