Questions of the Heart

Why do it?

Why do what?

Why do anything?

Why not?

Why not, is about as sensible, as reasonable and as worthwhile reason as any other. Human beings have a compulsion to make everything seem meaningful and terribly important. Look at me, look at me! Look at what I did! Aren’t I just the best! Like it’s a matter of life and death and everyone should appreciate whatever it was he or she did. In the end, when the hot wind has subsided and all the hoopla died down the only thing that matters, I firmly believe, is how happy, comfortable and content within ones own skin one was.

That’s it brothers and sisters. There ain’t no more. No good looking for meaningful answers between the covers of dusty, important looking, gold gilded book covers. People who wrote those books didn’t have any more of an answer than you or I. They just made it look and sound as if they did. A singer / songwriter put it best when he penned the immortal lyrics; The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind. True that Mr Dylan.

There is no need for traipsing to places of worship, prostrating at the feet of priests and other mortals pretending to have friends in high places either.

And why is there a need for fancy joints with all kinds of weird and wonderful ornaments to worship in anyway? Is it because the self-proclaimed ‘servants of God’ within them raise their voices in pietas lament pretending only they have a direct line to God? Or is it because they think God, the Father, doesn’t want to waste His breath on the rest? What? The rest of us are bastard children God is ashamed of? Tolerating us only because the alternative is beyond Him? Gimmie a break. Oh, and have you noticed how they think your soul is corrupt but your money is good? Funny that.

While we’re at it, allow me to disrespectfully ask also: how come the majority of religions are rich whilst their followers have their behinds hanging out of their threadbare pantaloons?

Best thing we could do is put a torch to some of those “places of worship.” Not that I’m advocating violence or encouraging you to take up pyromeniacal undertakings, dear reader, because neither violence nor blazes fired up in anger achieve anything other than more trouble and hardship … I’m just musing. And hopefully making a point.

What’s the point?

The point is neither you nor I need another human to save us. They cant anyway

God the Father, the Creator, is within every single one of us.

It’s as simple, and as beautiful, and most importantly as REAL as that.

Until tomorrow,



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