Do you, or Don’t you?

Does god exist? This is one of ego’s pet questions. Millions answer yes, they believe in their loving, benevolent, and of course superior god. Many of these fine folks will readily take your head to prove their love and piety to their “One true God.” As you would, of course. I mean gods are all about competition, battling the opposition to the death and ruling unopposed. That’s what “Love and Peace to all” REALLY means!

I mean, seriously, dear reader. What kind of nutcase actually believes that? Yeah, I know, silly question, there are legions of ’em.

Then you have the ‘there’s no god, only I exist’ group. These are as bad as the former, they only hide it better; generally hiding behind the “intellectual” banner. And so it goes, the flame burns, the argument rages on.

Many a zealot has lost their head, literally, for their god. Equally many a zealot has murdered, burnt at the stake and tortured to death those accused of heresy or refusing to give allegiance to a god the zealot happens to be worshipping.

Not all believers are zealots of course, but they are, for the most part, close-minded as far their beliefs are concerned; a condition that misses the whole point of godliness.

Those on the non-believer side can all too often be just as duplicitous, conceited and obnoxious. It is almost as if ‘There is no God’ is their god. A proposition to be nurtured, argued over, fought for and vehemently defended. They generally present themselves as the intellectual cool kids but their superiority complex is well and truly on par with their believer cousins.

All this haughtiness, argument, violence and atrocity is ego’s version of heaven. This environment not only keeps ego alive and well, it energises and re-energises it. If ever you want to see ego at work, truly at work, look at the god wars; the religion based conflicts. This ridiculous concept the majority of combatants neither understand nor spend time truly studying has been happening since day dot. A fly feeds on excrement and is thus kept fed and happy. Ego feeds on the stench of corpses, war and atrocity and is kept likewise.

Ego couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss whether you believe in god or not.

This entire system is based on a lie. Therefore its god, the bible god if you will, is a lie. That god does not exist. He is as mythical as the split from Creation. If you believe in that god you are destined to retain your chains of misery. That god is as insane as its creator is mistaken.

A guy says: I want to find god. I want to reconnect with god; he put me here to suffer. He knows my suffering. I have done all you asked of me, lord; I paid the price oh lord. Your servant has suffered enough. Give me prosperity now, oh gentle and loving father.

You know what that is? An illusion praying to an illusion. May as well plead with the image in the mirror. The results are generally about the same also.

Like God is about granting wishes for larger homes, larger cars and larger bosom sizes, right? Let’s get real.

Until Tomorrow



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