Making Demands

Whenever someone suggests that you demand things from the Creator, to compel or test it, immediately see standing before you ignorance. Innocent and well-meaning ignorance it may well be but nonetheless a Doofus it is. All of us on this planet are holy. All of us on this planet are also mistaken. That is why we believe ourselves to be here, and that is why the planet is here. We are all therefore a holy doofus working our way back home.

Become at peace with the way things are. If you feel like dancing, dance. If you feel like singing, sing. If you feel like being angry, be angry. Being genuinely angry is better than falsely happy. Fake it till you make it is for fakers, period. This whole thing is fake, why add to it.

Every time you fight the world, tempt faith, try to prove some point, all you are doing is reinforcing the false and ignoring the true.

Ask yourself, who am I trying to convince? What am I trying to change? When you can answer, no one and no thing, you will have understood a great truth. And in that moment you will also see that every Doofus is a forever brother with an indispensible part to play in the salvation of all.

Love yourself so that you will be able to love all.

Until tomorrow,



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