Hell No, We Want Go!

Talk to anyone, almost literally, and they will tell you war is an anathema. An abhorrence and an abomination that aught to be eradicated not just from the face of the planet but also from the human consciousness. Yeay! On ya everyone! You rock!

Hang on a sec tho. Hold on right there jackaroo. Something just don’t add up. Let’s play that little tune one more time; war is the pits. Everyone says so. Ok makes sense, I can dig it. But why then does everyone either have a war going, has sent its young men and women into one, or, is in some way, shape or form supporting one?

Put that question to Mr and Ms Everyone and out slides the old stockie; stock standard answer that is. She slides out smoother than a precisely machined piston into a well-oiled cylinder. You see everyone’s been rehearsing it since, well, like forever, What can I do? I mean, I don’t make the rules. I don’t get a say. Mutters everyone with a sad inflection.

And so the carnage keeps on. The hand wringing persists, and the lies bound like large black hellhounds across barren fields for as far as the eye can see and mind conjure. The trinkets get shinier, the rotting bones of the dead pile up higher and the human tragedy continues singing the song of black lies and beautiful delusions. Ahhh makes ya all warm and fuzzy. Ego plan working like a fine Swiss timepiece.

You don’t need me to tell you what the basic human wants and desires are, right? Nice house, good job, financial security, a nice holiday every now and then and so on and so forth. Not putting any of that down by the way, I am saying however that the things that truly matter, the things that dwarf the nice house, financial security and holidays almost into insignificance aren’t even on the radar for the majority of people.

And yet, if the things that truly matter were achieved there would be no other wants. Everything else would almost literally fall into place, or, float away into insignificance where it belongs.

What are those magical things? They’re not magical at all, actually. They are the basics. Happiness. Joy. Contentment. Love.

I’m not telling you anything new here dear reader. You have experienced it yourself. Remember when you first met, became infatuated and fell in love with that certain someone? Remember? You could have lost a limb, all your money and had your house burn down to the ground and you would have shrugged it off with a casual, We’ll be right. We got each other. And here’s the kicker. You would have been perfectly alright!

So what happens? Same people. Same weather. Same economy. Same sky and often under the same roof? What changes?

I’ll tell you what changes. The ugliness comes out to play.

Yeah, I know. That’s not a very nice thing to say. Why it’s downright deflatin’ right there Nick. What you tryin’ to do, boy?

Answer. I’m doing my best to tell the truth. It’s the truth that sets us free. You know those books that you buy that tell you everything’s just peachy. That all you gotta do to be knock, knock, knockin’ on your personal Nirvana’s door is- BE POSTIVE! That crap- and let me tell you I used to read that stuff so I’m most certainly not judging anyone for doing it- is what keeps people bound in chains of misery. Why? Because it’s not true.

Oh sure, being positive is great. Beats misery any day of the week. If you can be positive when stuff isn’t going real well, cool. You’re ahead of the rest of us, keep that going while you’re working on the rest. But if anyone tells you that being positive will solve all your problems, tell him/her that you’re positive they are a fraud. Or ignorant. Or both.

In case you haven’t noticed it dear reader, there is a little ugliness, nastiness, a little bit of evil if you will, in all of us. Even in you. Yes ma’am and yes my good sir, even in you.

That’s what brings us here for Pete’s sake! No big deal. It is what it is as they say. All good. Let’s recognise it, embrace it, and get to rectifying it.

You know how they reckon god went and fashioned Adam out of mud and stuff? Well there was a little bit of impurity in the mud. Why, yes there was! Now, that there good book conveniently skips over that part, on account it don’t want you to start thinking that god was negligent and didn’t purify the mud before making his kids outta it. You get that right? Makes perfect sense, yes?

Oh, you don’t think so? Well, nor do I. Just testing y’all.

Seriously though, dear reader, the bottom line is simple, clear and never blurred. We like to blur it every now and then but really, it’s always crystal clear and can be summed up with an old cliché;

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Until tomorrow,



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