Make Love Not War

As anyone who has read my blog posts, and or visited my site knows, Make Love Not War is the slogan I’m fond of.

I started using it by accident. When I was setting up the blog site I felt I needed a slogan and the idea that Love was the most precious thing of all popped into mind. Also, Love does, I believe, heal everything. That’s some kind of statement, but it is one I believe to be gospel, as they say.

The hippies, back in the day, had it right all along. But, you know what the rest of the world did? Laughed at the hippies. Made them out to be a joke. They were even beaten and abused. A bunch of long hairs on one long, communal, acid trip. What do they know? Always smiling’ and whatnot. No normal folk are that happy.

Interesting isn’t it. How the peddlers of Love are almost always ridiculed, dismissed as ratbags, or worse, and even killed. Think Jesus Christ, the original hippie in many ways.

This world is filled to the brim with hypocrites. This is the world of hypocrites. Shouting about the virtues of love and the desire for it, yet whenever love shows up it’s maltreated and killed. Pretending to exalting the virtues of lawful and orderly behavior yet indulging in rip-offs, feuds, sanctioned murders and wars on a daily bases.

Here’s an example of the twisted behavior I’m talking about, and one directly associated with this, Make Love Not War, slogan. As just about everyone around the globe knows, that slogan has been around since the 1960’s and has a deep and significant history. It emerged and stood as a powerful anti Vietnam War statement. It has since grown, I believe, to represent love and peace, period. And yet, it is to this day not taken seriously. Mention it and instead of getting a positive show of serious ackgnowledgment you get a nod, a smile and, ahhh the hippies.

The world hasn’t changed much.

The phrase’s origins are unclear but it’s meaning is crystal, and commonsensical. Think about it, from a personal point of view. When you’re making love what do you think about? Okay, okay, I don’t really want to know, but I’m guessing the last thing you’re thinking about is impaling some dude like a chicken shish kebab. Am I right? Besides, hard to be taken seriously as a warmonger when you’re naked.

Only the insane would prefer making war to making love. And there it is, dear reader, the answer.

So what will you do that’ll make a difference to your life tomorrow?

Until tomorrow,




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