Why did you leave me?

You know dear reader, we are just the funniest lot of misfits, us humans! Aren’t we? Why yes we are. We are so good at lies we embrace them as pure truth straight off the mountaintop. Yes we do. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it? Being so good at the black arts of deception.

We talk about, write volumes about and recite endlessly about love and its godly powers it’s almost enough to give you gas. Love cures all! Love is all there is! There is no happiness but love! Money can’t buy you love! And so on and so forth. Yessir, mmmhhh, that IS the truth! Murmour and confirm the multitudes.

Then there are songs. How many love songs are there? Best answer is, Lots! And lots, and lots more. Everyone is looking for love, right? Everyone. When I find love, boy! My life will be so different. I don’t care if he’s rich, poor, got two heads or seven arms, if I love him, I will love him. Yes! And when I fall in love it’ll be forever.

And so it goes. Looking, looking, looking. Then, they find IT! Oh my. It’s love. Off we go, a movie, dinner, first kiss, night together, meet mum and dad. Nuptials. Or no nuptials, who needs them anyway, we got us Love!

After a time there is generally the pitter-patter of happy little feet. No, not the cute little penguins in the movie Happy Feet. The pitter-patter of a little kiddie. Cute!

But then, way, way too often there’s trouble in paradise. The charming Romeo turns into the Ogre. The princess has taken a hit from the chores, and the responsibilities and often a full time job also. There always seems to be “too much month at the end of the money,” as the late and great Jim Rohn used to say. And happy union come the complete circle; meet, love, togetherness, reality, Judge splitting the assets.

And that dear reader is the reality of life, in the huge portion of cases. Not to mention those who stay together out of duty, obligation, religion, and “for the sake of the kids.”

Why am I on about this? This you might say, ugly side of life? Wouldn’t it be easier, and nicer, and more popular, to write about nice things? Loving things. There are no weeds, only opportunities, type things?

Yes. It would be much easier to write about and verbal on about sugar and spice and all things nice. One problem … it wouldn’t be the truth, the whole truth. That would be the easy way out for me also. Spinning cool little lines, telling you everything is alright and there’s no pain. If you want that go to the nearest bookshop and you’ll find stacks and rows of self-help books that teach and preach positivity until it’s running down your leg. It’s not the truth though.

You know what else however? The reason those books come and go as so much toilet paper is because that’s what the majority of that stuff is filled with— the stuff toilet paper cleans up.

Bottom line is this, dear reader, the ugly side of life exists. Everyone has it. Everyone lives it. Everyone needs to accept it.

Acceptance is the first step to recovery.

You know what the first thing is they make an alcoholic say before the recovery program starts? I’m an alcoholic! You can’t fix an issue you don’t think you have, or, are hiding from.

Same thing here. You don’t start the trip from darkness into the light before seeing, admitting and owning up to the fact that you are in the dark.

Until tomorrow,



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