Love in your heart

In yesterday’s blog post I asked; What is the ladder leading out of this place? And offered the answer; Love.

The answer is, as I see it correct. In fact Love is the answer to every question. Well, perhaps not to the question, What’s the best thing to spread over your toast? That’s clearly Vegemite. But since Vegemite is love in a jar anyway, it kind of boils down to the same thing. Seriously though, Love is the cure all. There is nothing Love cannot heel, cure and or make good.

So why such a fuss about accepting Love? It’s far more than fuss in fact. It’s outright avoidance, and often outright violent pushback. Why is it that the proverbial horse will allow itself to be lead to the water but by god will not drink no matter what? It’s like the proverbial horse would rather drop dead of thirst on the riverbank than drink.

Humanity is like that proverbial horse. The horse has its mouth clenched tight humanity has its heart clenched just as tight, if not tighter.

You’d think humanity would be rushing headlong and without pause or consideration into the arms of Love as opposed to avoiding it like the black plague. Why?

The answer is fear. No. Not fear. It’s sheer terror.

Within the human consciousness, running deep into its very heart, is the terror created by the separation. When the Created took a leap into the unknown and made up its own world humanity was born. Immortality was lost, Creation forgotten and the Creator made into a ruthless hunter of his own children, whom he will tear limb from limb then throw the screaming, tormented remains into the pits of hell to remain there so screaming and tormented forever more. That’s the insane delusion anyway.

The truth of the matter is diametrically different. The Creator is Love. Consider that for a moment. L O V E.

Now, even a skerrick of logic, forget faith or belief, just a smallest bit of logic will show that theory as senseless ramblings of fevered minds. Think about it. If the Creator of all things, wanted to do away with his dissenting children, how much effort would it take? I’ll tell you how much effort it would take, somewhere between zero and .001 or perhaps even a touch less.

So why doesn’t He wave the hand, so to speak, smite the water with His great sword and by so doing create the great wave with which to drown all dissenters, unbelievers and heavenly renegades?

Because the only vengeance is in the minds of the ones who think they have disconnected from the heavenly realm. This delusion of the vengeful father is a self-induced delusion. It does not exist. Just as nothing that the descended ones have made exists. It is all a delusion, an error that was righted in the instant that it was made.

Do you really, truly believe the one true Creator would huff, and puff and thunder as was portrayed in this passage in the movie Pulp Fiction;

“And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.” 

That’s a biblical passage by the way. You believe the Creator to be such a being? No? Neither do I. And yet, vast, vast leagues of people believe the Creator to be of just that; a coldblooded murderer.

Tremble and obey, lest He strikes thee down and cooks thee up into a stone and poison ivy stew!

Absolute and utter crap, the lot of it. Throw that rubbish down the toilet. It belongs with the sewage and replace with doing your best to live with love in your heart and peace on your lips.

Until tomorrow,



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