What is success in the ego world?

Everyone knows the answer to that question. Even the ones who pretend not to care know. Success is an amiable partner, nice house with neatly mowed lawns and a sturdy fence, a good job, good family, financial freedom, a solid circle of friends, a Sunday BBQ and a few beers, or wines for the ladies, with good neighbours, and paying your own way.

There are bits and bobs we could add to the above, but the list pretty much covers ego’s version of success on planet earth.

Now consider the deities humans purport to follow and worship. What did those folks consider as success? What do they bang on about ad nauseam? I mean, can you imagine Buddha inviting Jesus, Lao Tzu, Krishna and a few of his other godly buds over to his pad to show off his latest pergola and Indian-tile rendered swimming pool? And like, jiving with Krishna, “Hey Krish, come check out my latest chariot. Dude, it’s like all the way from Rome. Sales guy told me Caesar had it made for his mistress just before he found out she was playing around, so he had her beheaded instead.”

Or Jesus holding wine sampling nights? With like, a lamb on a spit, freshly baked bread and handpicked figs?

No? Can’t quite get that into your head as an image? Yeah. Me neither. That’s not how those good ol’ boys rolled.

Theirs was a simple message of love, peace, heaven and God. That’s it. Their home was in another place, so why waste time with stuff that held no meaning, and carried no consequence whatsoever? Why indeed?

So why do we? Why do we hold up, ultimately useless and worthless trinkets, as objects of consequence and influence? Things some would, (and many have) kill for? Literally?

The dichotomy between words and actions is truly bizarre. Talk about liars. To be fair however, this thing is way beyond lies. This is insanity. Pure and simple. And I’m using the word insanity advisedly. Think of it this way. What sane person would slaughter innocent men, women and children over a piece of dirt? Or even lose their mind over a parking spot?

Answer— a sane person wouldn’t.

Yet those things, and PLENTY more, is and has been done every single day, someplace, since the dawn of time. Run that through the mind for a moment. Since the dawn of time, someone, someplace, has killed somebody.

Am I being negative?

Dear reader, I sincerely wish I were being negative. Sadly, I’m being factual.

This planet, this place the Son of Creation made His home, this nest meant to be a replica of heaven, is this! A bloodbath, wrapped up in a black expanse of constant wailing and moaning of tortured souls writhing in the misery of their own creation.

What is the answer? What is the ladder leading out of this place?


Love is the answer. Love is the only answer.

If you spell success this way, you’ll soon get into your life feeling and fortune beyond this world, louder than Gabriel’s horn, and happier than a bride on her wedding day … L O V E!

Until tomorrow,



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