The many faces of you

It is written that when the so-called ‘great fall’ occurred the son of Creation disconnected from its source, and so began the misery, turmoil, death and destruction we know as humanity.

That split however wasn’t a split as such. Like when an iceberg brakes away from another, large one, to float about on its own. This was more of a shattering whereby numerous shards were created; each one believing it was the center of everything.

The problem with being a “shard” though is that no matter how much yelling, strutting about and posturing one does, one is still a shard. A shard is a shard and can never be the great whole. Not until the idea of the disconnection and with it the perceived specialness, has been laid to rest and the everlasting connection with the great whole returned to awareness.

To see this shattered self one needs to stop and observe. That’s all. Just stop the frantic running around in circles, stop and observe. When that happens this is what you will see.

You will see there’s the happy you, the sad you and the wishy-washy you. There is the angry, nasty and vengeful you. You’ll see you the gossip, the judge and the victim; then there’s you the generous, the greedy, the envious and the jealous. You are also at times the parent and always someone’s child. You are the devoted lover and at times lewd and libidinous. You are guilt-ridden and terrified as well as brazen and fearless, self-righteous, crazy, wise, sick and healthy. You are weak, meek and docile, as well as wild and ferocious. At times you are the road-raging maniac that turns forgiving and gentle. There’s the melancholy tub-of-ice-cream demolisher and giggler who turns into a control freak. You are also the crone and the cute as a button, sweet as a nut, cutie-pie. You’ll see you as the forgiver, the harsh critic and the dispenser of justice and injustice.

And those are just some of your façades. What’s more, you can be all of those things in a single day. You might even say this is a day typical day in a life of the fallen.

We all know that this isn’t a great way to live. Indeed it’s a sad way for sons and daughters of Creation to be.

It has also been said that joy and happiness is a state of mind. And really, truly … what else can it be?

The moment the mind was split, was the moment misery was born. One world became two. The original is as it has always been and will always continue to be. And so it is with the world of man. That too serves its purpose, a purpose that is in direct contrast to the world of Creation.

Is there a way out? of course there is. Everyone knows that. All it takes is a change of mind.

Until tomorrow,



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