The Thought I Woke Up With #258



Educator, philosopher and author, Mortimer Adler, wrote that Practical knowledge, though teachable, cannot be truly mastered without experience. At an earlier time they put it this way: Faith without works is dead. Put it any way you like, the meaning has, is and will continue to be the same: without planting there is no harvest.

It is good to give a starving man spiritual comfort and teach him to pray. It is much more useful to the man if you give him rabbit stew to fill his belly, however, and even more useful, after that, if you teach him to catch his own rabbits and grow his own vegetables.

You know what evil is? Evil is reading from the Holy Writ, offering glorious words of comfort to starving peoples with fly-blown faces while treasures beyond imagination are kept in safes and the greedy clutches of those purporting to represent God.

Until you have seen their actions, treat their words with indifference.

Apply this philosophy especially to yourself. Talking, reading, debating and theorising about anything, including spirituality, salvation or success of any kind, is all well and good but next to useless until some elbow grease is applied. Actions and works beget results.

Reading and talking about being a guitar player is fine but will not produce any sounds. To produce guitar sounds you need to pick up a guitar and start strumming. The sounds won’t be very appealing to start but you’ll be on your way. Keep practising and the sounds will become better. Practise long enough and you’ll have people clapping you because the sounds you produce will be those of an accomplished guitar player. It is no different with prayer. Prayer without action is hypocrisy. And so it is with finding your true life, if you want it: you need to stop talking and do some things.

For a spaceship to reach the Moon or some other planet, for it to float amongst the beauty and glory of space and stars, it must first take off; it must part ways with Earth and its gravity. The takeoff is the bumpy part, the blast off. And so it is with your transition from the world of war and tears to the world of love and tranquility, a mind shift needs to occur. The initial stages will be very bumpy, filled with discomfort and strong desire to stay with the old, with the routine. That stage is your takeoff.

Like all takeoffs there is almost always some turbulence. The extent of the turbulence, which comes in many forms but predominantly fear, discomfort and at times stress, will depend on the individual. The outcome, however, is the same for all. All travellers end up in the same depot.

There are two guarantees. Firstly, everyone will complete their return into Creation, and secondly, nothing an individual cannot handle will ever be given them.

On the way down from Creation to here everyone has put in place situations and scenarios they believe are specific to them. We are all individuals is an idea that comes from that belief. Subsequently, every person’s climb back up the stairway to heaven will appear a little different. In reality there is only one thing to resolve but at this point that’s neither here nor there.

The important thing to try and understand is that your ego will fight for the status quo to remain, for your life to continue just as it currently is, for the faults and programmed destinations to remain firm and solid.

Your ego has very good reason for wanting these things. That reason is simply this; your freedom means ego’s demise. It’s as simple, and as complicated as that.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #258

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