The Thought I Woke Up With #252

Love v Ebola

One lot screams, THERE IS A GOD!!! The other lot hollers, THERE IS NO GOD!!! And they go at it, the argument rages. At times the argument goes beyond words, and the violence, and the killing start.

It’s been going on since god created man, in his own image, no less. That statement alone gives any true spiritualist gas. That however is a whole different blog.

Now as I say, that old argument has been going on since the very beginning of man, literally. It hasn’t been settled. And guess what? It will remain alive until the moment the very last human attains enlightenment.

This, Yes there is. No there isn’t, a god, argument is archetypal ego. More than that, it is ego lifeblood. As long the argument rages, the combat continues and ego thrives.

As I say in Him & Me, “Ego couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss whether you believe in god or not.” God is beyond ego’s understanding. This thing called life, right here, right now, is about as good as it gets as far as ego is concerned. Outsmart the next guy as best you can, get as much gold as you can, get as shinier car as you can, snag yourself the handsomest partner you can, make your lot as safe and secure as you can, back a winning team, and she’ll be apples, mate. Brothers and sisters dying of hunger across the water? Yeah well, we gave at this office for that. What can ya do? Life goes on.

The song ego is really playing, but we choose to play deaf to that tune is, ‘As long as I’m okay, everything is okay. Not my fault the other guy keeps having kids he can’t feed, keeps planting crops in dustbowls and catching diseases he can’t cure. I gave at the office for all that.

Now. Am I criticizing anything or anyone? Well yes, actually. I’m criticizing the apathy and sheer blind ignorance that are part of the human condition.

It’s one thing to labour like a field mule in the hot sun because you don’t know any better. It’s quite another to continue doing it when you know the only reward, the only payoff for doing so is the continuation of pain, misery and self scourging. It’s like swimming in a spittoon and pretending it’s the crystal clear waters of a mountain lake. Oh look, I swallowed some.

Now, my dearest reader, if the tone of this blog, the repellant nature of the language, is off-putting, let me assure you that playing nice with ego, reasoning with it, being gentlemanly and respectful to it, describing it with charming words and syrupy language is much, much, much worse. Indeed, playing nice with ego is like patting the ebola virus and hoping it’ll turn nice. Not happening!

Ego is ego. End of story. There are no happy endings here.

Nor am I asking you to take up arms against ego, or invite it to a duel. That would simply energize it.

What I am respectfully suggesting is firstly, take off the rose coloured glasses and take in the reality of ego and secondly: Turn to love. It’s right there, waiting to embrace you.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #252

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