The Thought I Woke Up With #251

My body – My Diversion

Everyone you know has a body.

Now there’s an earth shattering statement for you. That alone was worth coming to today’s blog for, right?

There is nothing even remotely remarkable about that statement. What is remarkable however is the service the body provides. That service is one-task-specific and in that regard the body is a total and utter sensation. An absolute, out-and-out, unqualified winner.

That  one-task-specific function is for the body to do anything You conjure up. You have it eating, drinking, snoring, sweating, gossiping, scratching, itching and bitching. You have it needing a coffee first thing, being hooked on the daily news and tragedy and in need of regular washing, lest the other bodies start pinching their noses and pointing.

You have the body loving food but getting fat and ill from it. You got it producing almost endless blends and brands of alcohol then doing disgusting and vile things as a result of consuming it. Not to mention the fact that alcohol is given as a certified home wrecker and  killer of talent and success. You place the body into beautifully designed motor vehicles only to be crushed and maimed; send it off to war to suffer similar consequence.

But here’s the best trick. You make out like the body is you. In other words, you identify yourself as your body. You shave, moisturise, apply makeup, put on costumes, pamper  yourself, torture yourself, perform all kinds of seemingly crazy and unnatural acts, throw yourself out of airplanes, burn and pierce yourself, shoot yourself into space and whatever else you dream up to put yourself and your body through.

You have it performing many seemingly contrasting services too. To some it is a great source of pride, to others a source of shame and self-loathing, yet others pain and misery. But here’s your master stroke, if you think such silliness is deserving of so high a praise; You use the body as a constant reminder of frailty, weakness, decay and ultimately death.

Silly question: How does the immortal become mortal? Silly answer: It creates a body and pretends it is that body.

You have your body wither and decline before your very eyes. Then, to add to the bizarre nature of the whole thing you try to prolong the inevitable with cosmetic applications and medical procedures. Then when the ‘end’ actually comes, you throw on a black frock, go to the Wailing Wall and grieve, and grieve and grieve.

What you need to do is stop the foolishness and own up to the fact that all this seeming action happens beyond the body and that you are not the body. The body is not you. The body is nothing more than a diversion tool. Diversion from reality.

Observe your mind at work and what you will see is an entertainment device. A device that projects storylines for your singing, dancing, weeping and howling at the moon pleasures.

It is only when you choose to stop, to disengage and become an observer that you see what you are doing.

Not that anything you do is particularly subtle. The success of the entire charade is based on the fact that you choose to deceive yourself. Like when kids play games.

You are the writer and the director. The body(s) the prop(s), the mind the projector.

.It’s all a lovely setup really, but here’s a question … why?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #251

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