The Thought I Woke Up With #250

Watch out for THEM!

Life on earth is a toilet ready to be flushed but no one wants to hit the flush button for fear of disappearing with the sewage. So it lingers.–Nick Z Moran

Not the prettiest of quotes, is it, dear reader? But when I wrote it for the book, ‘Him & Me,’ it seemed most apt. When it came back to mind today, I noticed that it hasn’t gotten any prettier with age. It is still however, apt. And I suspect it’ll remain so for some time to come. Not that that gives any joy. But, it is what it is, as they say.

We tend to pretty things up; spin golden thread around black matter in the hope that the surface shininess will somehow change the inner darkness. We know it doesn’t, nor will it ever, but we keep trying.

Why do we do that? Put lipstick on a pig and expect it to transmute into a Cinderella? Why do we like those fairy tales so? We don’t actually like those stories, we love them! Can’t get enough.

Variants of the Cinderella story exist in many countries around the world. And that particular fairytale is just one of the better known ones. We love reading, hearing, dreaming and fantasizing about the underdog beating all odds and winning to live happily ever after.

I suppose there is no great mystery to it. Life is, generally speaking, tough. There is, again generally speaking, little joy in the world. And as much as we pretend that it doesn’t exist, as much as we rile against it; huff and puff and rage and bluster, we know there exists an unseen power that rules over us. That there is the They. 

That They, do have the control. They, do call the shots, make rules and change the goal posts whenever it suits them and their agenda.

They have us thinking, saying, and dying, as they see fit. They send our young to fight and die in foreign places, for unexplained reasons and even more mysterious and superficial ideals; jingoistic claptrap really. Sorry about your missing limbs, here’s a medal. Son, you’re a hero now. Suck it up and behave like one.

And the great unwashed, the ‘ordinary people’ turn out in droves to welcome back the boys and girls whose spirits have in many cases been crushed by the ugliness of war. The band plays proud and loud, the twofaced politicians make pretty speeches and everyone cheers. Well, not everyone. Not the guy in the wheelchair. Or the brother beside him who left with two strong arms and returns with prosthetics. Their battles are just starting. And for many of their comrades at arms the war will be over only when they are lowered into the ground.

I laugh when I hear the religious types banging on about hell. Hell this, hell that, Be you careful sinner. Repent! Lest the hooved one sticks you on a spit and has you turning, slow, in the fires of filth and depravity. Hell and damnation … for eternity, are the wages of sin!

Can I have fries with that?

How about we just live as best we can, in a world we don’t understand, and do our best to make it through each day a little happier than the last. Now wouldn’t that be a nice goal. Do that and before you know it, a whole lotta love embraces the soul. And from there?

Who knows, except– Love has no limits!

Until tomorrow,



The Thought I Woke Up With #250

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