The Thought I Woke Up With #249

Jesus & Buddha are part of the problem

If you’re not careful, dear reader, you can easily slip into the, “I can do whatever I like. There’s no right or wrong. There just is. The universe will provide, EVERYTHING!”

Or, if you happen to be religiously inclined. The Savior will embrace me warmly, take my hand and walk me through the gates, tuck me into heavenly bliss, kiss me gently on the cheek, surround me with cherubs, and guarantee my Lolly Gobble Bliss Bomb joy and frolic forever and ever more. Because haven’t ya heard, Happiness is like jam. You can’t spread even a little without getting some on yourself. And Love is like a rubber band that stretches forever.

Jesus died for my sins! SO THERE! I can do whatever I want. It’s all forgiven!!!

And Buddha said, “Mind is everything, what you think you become.” How good’s that. It’s all in me mind. I can choose happiness whenever I want. I just don’t wanna at the moment. LIKE OKAY!

And if you believe all that crap dear reader, here’s an opportunity for you. No really. I’ve got a way cool bridge that spans across the beautiful Sydney Harbour, for sale. Going cheap! All enquiries to my email, all bank-cheques to an untraceable Swiss bank account.

Were there ever, greater naivetés inflicted upon the easy to fleece and even easier to fool followers? You want instant fame and fortune? Start offering free tickets to heaven. Make like you know. Promise them heaven on a stick, and hey presto! Instant messiah. Instant wise man! Instant pedestal for you champion!

Here’s something Dragon said today. We don’t know who originally uttered it. Some attribute it to Buddha, others argue that it wasn’t him. I don’t really care, nor does Buddha I suspect. Whoever said it got it right; “The answer is not in the sky but in the heart.”

What that means is when one takes off the halo coloured glasses and has a realistic look at both these men; both Jesus and Buddha, one sees blokes who had their work cut out for them whilst on this here planet. Neither got an easy ride to the gates, so to speak.

Now Christians will tell you that, Jesus did it all for us. He went through the whole ordeal as a show; some kind of reality matinee show time special for us Neanderthals to get the message about god and whatnot. And by so doing he took away all our sins.

Okay. Let’s say for a moment that we take that as fact. Why then, pray tell, is the world as it stands right this second at best, no better, and most probably as far as moral values and atrocities are concerned, worse than it was when he did his thing?

Same applies to Buddha. Yes he was a cool cat who said some awesome things, and allegedly achieved his godliness in the process. But here we are. So what’s changed?

Evil is still rife. Killing happens on a larger scale, but only because there are more humans to kill. Politicians are still lowlife liars and thieves, for the most part anyway. Morals and standards are no different. Boys still want to see girls naked and do things with them. The rich have few if any morals or scruples when it comes to choosing between humanity and dollars. Gold is still the most valued commodity. What’s changed?

The scenery. That’s what’s changed. Nothing more, nothing less.

Which begs the question, what did Jesus and Buddha really achieve? Their own freedom, first and foremost. And secondly, they left a blueprint as to how it can be achieved. A set of footprints, if you will, which when followed will lead to release from this place. If release from this place is what you want.

But here’s the kicker. One humanity chooses to conveniently overlook. EVERYONE MUST DO THEIR OWN WALKING.

Oh, and here’s another interesting tidbit:

Neither Jesus nor Buddha ever said they did it for you or me.

That part was made up by lickspittles who pretend to know what’s what, whose who, and how you should be.

Jesus and Buddha showed that it can be done. That’s all. And, that’s more than enough.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #249

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