The Thought I Woke Up With #244

Ocularist or Merman?

When we’re young there’s a standard question that’s asked on a regular and consistent bases. What are you going to be when you grew up? A doctor? A lawyer? A policeman? Teacher maybe?

If you were like just about all kids you didn’t have a clue. So the answer entailed a shrug of the shoulders followed by as quick an exit form the enquirer’s presence as possible.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one could transport the self back and answer that question with the backing of knowledge and understanding one has as a mature adult?

What would you say? Dude talk to me from over there! Your beer breath is killin’ me. Would you perhaps put on a straight face and reply, Not sure lady, take a course that’ll teach me blue and green should never be seen? Or, maybe something along the lines of, I’m going to be a martial arts expert so as to nonchalantly deflect your evil fingers from pinching my cheek, at the very same time inflicting pain upon you.

Or how about, I’m seriously considering, and tossing up between otolaryngology and attaining the status of an Ocularist. Then there is a nagging whisper in my yet undecided mind that I should perhaps strive towards becoming a merman? A plethora of choices, the world is my oyster to be shucked as I see fit, you may well say. How about your good self? What would you like to achieve before you shuffle off this mortal coil?

Here’s an unpleasant, yet absolute, fact. For the vast majority of human beings life is but a series of unplanned, unconsidered and disliked circumstances through which they shuffle and trudge resentfully and with constant mutter and gripe.

If ever you wondered what the true meaning of the word travesty was, dear reader, that’s it, right there. There is no greater travesty, no greater farce than the state of human spirit as it drifts from one wretched situation to another. Always looking outward for cause and effect. For reason and motive. I sacrificed my life for you. I did everything for you. And this is the thanks I get. You ingrate. It’s because of you my life is as it is. Bullshit!

Everyone’s life is exactly as they make it.

Now everyone, unless they have been living in the deepest, remotest wilderness, with only fierce and ferocious animals as sole companions, has heard that, or a very similar version of that, statement; Life is as you make it.

The reality is that life is never the problem. The problem is always, without exception, the ones living it.Because the ones living it, are the ones creating it.

Now dear reader, here is a statement you may not particularly like, and or readily accept. It is simply this: All life is perfect.

Not to accept that is to abdicate responsibility and in effect throw the self into the skeletal and merciless arms of helplessness and powerlessness; a pathetic piece of human refuse, of no greater value than a pungent odor on the bottom of a shoe worn by a bearded tyrant ego has named god.

That question we started with at the top of this missive, What are you going to be when you grew up? It is still valid, no matter how old you are. NO! It is indeed more valid than ever. Is there a right answer to it?

Yes, there is a right answer. In fact there is only one answer, and it is this:

I want to be spirit free!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #244

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