The Thought I Woke Up With #242

Divine Fools

It is stating the very obvious when I say that human beings are inherently changeable and unpredictable creatures. Walking chameleons you might say. It is unfortunately not a healthy changeability. It is in fact a volatility based on an intense and profound insecurity.

Insecurity grips every human heart like a merciless bear trap.

Everything human beings do is driven by insecurity. They are indeed driven mad by it. Driven mad by it because there is absolutely nothing that can be done. The moment of birth is the beginning of death. The cycle is locked in.

If ever you wanted to design the perfect joke, the perfect black comedy, look no further. This is it, right here, right now baby. What greater joke is there than knowing, fully, at all times, that no matter what you do you aren’t getting outta here alive.

Beautiful isn’t it? Who would have designed such a gloriously delicious play to star in? Seriously, dear reader, think about it. If ever there were a perfect way to torture the self this thing we call life is it, right? Forget the Greeks and their so-called tragedies; amateur hour compared to this so-called reality.

And the true reality is:  you are the ultimate tragedy!

I say that in the nicest possible way, i.e. one starts dying the instant one is born, and one is fully aware of that happy circumstance all the way through. Born to die.

So, we come up with all kinds of things to divert attention from the dead-person walking scenario. The main one is, eternal life through “saviors.”

I mean far be it for us to look within. To look at where the true and real essence is. That’s not how we’ve designed the game to be played. It’s all outside. It’s all in someone, and or something, else’s hands. The individual is but a helpless screeching maiden tied down to the railway tracks.

So come up with, not one, not two or three or six savors, but a multitude of ‘em.

Below are just a few majors, with descriptions as they appear on a site called ‘loltheists.’


Born of a virgin. Born December 25. Performed miracles. Had 12 disciples. Dead for 3 days, resurrected. He was called a savior.

Tammuz 2600 BCE

Ancient Sumerian deity. Born of the virgin earth. Killed then resurrected. His cross sign is the first letter of his name. His name Tammuz means,‘Savior Son.’

Mithra – 12 century BCE

Ancient Persian deity. Born of a virgin. Born December 25th. Performed miracles. Had 12 disciples. Dead for 3 days then resurrected. Day of worship was Sunday.

Krishna – since 3000 BCE

Supreme deity of Hinduism. Born of virgin called Devaki. Was baptized in river of Ganges. Performed miracles. Was crucified till death. Resurrected. His name was Jezeus Krishna. Jezeus means pure essence. He was called savior.

Attis – 1250 BCE

Phrygian god in Phrygian and Greek mythology. Born of a virgin called Nana. Born on December 25th. Had 12 disciples. Pinned to a tree until death. For mankind. He was called a savior.

Horus – 3000 BCE

Ancient Egyptian deity. Born December 25th. He was baptized in the river Nile. Performed miracles. Had 12 disciples. Dead for three days. Resurrected.

Adonis – 600 BCE

Phoenician demi-god, as in Greek mythology. Born December 25th. His name means ‘My Lord.’ Was planned to be murdered using wild boar. Goddess Astarte loved him and tried saving his life. Marry Magdalene was brave and courageous enough to stand by Jesus in his hours of suffering and death. Resurrected by order from heaven.

Dionysus – 450 BCE

Greek god. Born December 25th. Was god of wine and winemaking. Claimed to have the miracle of truning water into wine. Was murdered, torn to pieces and eaten by the Titans. Giving his blood as a sacrifice. Resurrected after three days.

There are many commonalities with the “saviors,” ay dear reader?

For starters they were all “savors.” So why isn’t the joint saved already?

Predominate number of disciples, 12. Why 12? Why not 13, what’s wrong with 13? I like 13. I was born on the 13th. Or 10? Ten’s a good round number.

They all performed miracles. Okay. I can dig it. Miracles are impressive. But you know what? They all said that we’re equal. You know, God’s kids and all that. So how come one kid can walk on water and the rest can’t? Jus’ askin’ the question. No harm in that is there?

Then, the disciples were almost always blokes. What? No woman could hear god?

The whole, ‘Save me, save me for I’m helpless,’ thing is taken to a ridiculous dimension. Not because there’s anything wrong with people doing their thing. That’s cool, believing whatever it is they wish to believe in, doing whatever they want to do is what the game’s all about, actually. The tragedy of it lays in the fact that by putting their trust and destiny into the hands of some imaginary, all powerful, all seeing, all conquering being, they by default place themselves into the I’m a powerless, useless, scrotum bag, category.

Makes you want to shake them and scream— Fool! You are the divine!!!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #242

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