The Thought I Woke Up With #240


Death row planet

In this world we identify with, and acknowledge, only the things we see. I saw it with my own eyes, is meant as a statement of absolute fact. I tell ya, it was incredible … truly the most beautiful thing I ever did see.

Another guy sees the very same thing and yawns.

The exact same applies to everything in this world; sometimes you get large groups liking the same concepts, say music, art, sport, a motor vehicle and whatnot, however, there isn’t anything everyone will agree upon as the thing, the place, the person, the way of life, or whatever.

This is a planet of disunity, division and dissention at its very best. And we all know about the worst. Even in the things people agree with in principal, there will be little, or at times large, pockets of disagreement and dissention.

Nothing is ever perfect, absolute or everlasting. Even the things that should be everlasting are tempered with. There’s a good reason for that. That reason is the thing no one wants to think or talk about … death. It’d be irrational, if not downright insane, to expect a death row prisoner to be making grand, long-term plans.

When death is the end, and when there is absolutely no way around it, what can you expect? And it’s not like death comes suddenly, right? Not generally speaking anyway.

It’s not like you’re all hippy-hoppy and to the max jolly then bam! Dead. No sir, no way no how. Death takes its sweet, long, slow and torturers time. Every wrinkle, every grey hair, every ache, every new creek of the joint is deliberate, purposeful, methodical. It don’t let you forget who’s boss.

You could say this is, in realty, the death row planet. Earth is where the condemned are sent to wait out their last moments. No appeal, no reprieve, no mercy. All that stuff’s been done and dusted. You lost Sparky. Off you go. Earth. Wait. Die.

Now you know why most everyone arrives here in tears and keeps it up until they are reconditioned to put on a brave face, a smiley face, a wise face and any other face that suits the occasion.

Think about the ugliness of that, dear reader. Reflect on the utter futility, insignificance and pure purposelessness of that. It’s enough to give you gas. Or worse.

Or you could look at it another way. You could take the view that this is something of a transformational place. A place those so powerful, their power is way beyond the reaches of human understanding come to test themselves.

Just think for a moment, what greater skip and giggle would there be than for a all-powerful celestial than to slip into a self imposed state of helplessness and limitation then transform back. Do a beautiful butterfly to caterpillar, then back to a beautiful butterfly again.

Why would they want to do that? Well may you ask.

Answer … why not?

Makes more sense than most other theories. And it is one much more pleasant than dealing with crucifixions, beheadings in the name of god, and my god is number one and yours sux, crowds.

Catch you in the new year, all you beautiful butterflies.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #240

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