The Thought I Woke Up With #237

Drama queen rage

If you’ve ever associated with a “drama queen,” two things eventually become obvious; these folks essentially live miserable lives and, they do their utmost to spread that misery around.

A drama queen is constantly caught up in a drama. You wouldn’t think there was so much drama to go around. Well, there is when your life is but a drama. It’s no different to peace. Looking at the world you’d be excused for thinking there wasn’t much peace around, but there is all the peace you could ever want, when you decide to live peacefully.

Drama queens are not just the quirky individuals who do idiosyncratic and peculiar things; drama queens are often a danger to themselves and those around them. They are filled with rage they feel compelled to spew out indiscriminately and universally.

There’s so much rage spewing forth form drama queens that it has become necessary to categorize and catalogue it.

For example, there’s the usual motley list like road rage, parking lot rage, air rage, sports rage, vending machine rage, video game rage, office rage, desk rage, TV rage, why wasn’t I promoted rage, laundry rage, Roid rage and so on.

Then you have the ‘Breakfast no longer available rage,’ particularly when they say it with that smile. You know the smile I mean; the one that says, I know it’s only 60 seconds beyond the hour but too bad. I’ve got the control and no brekkie for you.

But have you heard of Noodle Rage? That’s when a customer, unhappy with her seating arrangements decides to register her displeasure by hurling a bowl of noodles at the unsuspecting flight attendant.

Actually airline staffs have a rage menagerie all their own.

There’s Nut Rage. That’s when the airline chairman’s daughter heaves the macadamias she didn’t ask for at the flight attendant’s head.

Knee Rage, this one has led to aircraft being diverted because of passengers reclining seats and by so doing causing conflict with fellow travellers.

Pyjama Rage is another air travel problem. That’s when First Class customers get Business Class pyjamas. What were the attendants thinking! The sheer effrontery of some servants.

Or when a famous actor urinates into his wine bottle because he can’t “go visit Mrs Murphy,” due to the seat belt sign coming on. Unfortunately he missed and soaked the carpet, which then took the crew two hours to fumigate and clean.

Then there is good ole Naked Rage. This is when a passenger acts bizarrely on a flight, disembarks, rips his gear off and stands there shouting at people. Enter the police with a taser gun.

Toddler Rage is when a toddler refuses to settle down and is asked to leave a plane, with parents in tow.

Barking Rage is a little different. I like it. It shows ingenuity. This is when a passenger kicks, punches and tries to bite the flight attendants, all the while barking like a dog.

Drama queen behaviour often comes across as flippant and insouciant. A giggle to be had. In reality it isn’t. In reality it’s a cry for help. A cry for relief of pain. More often than not you can’t do a thing for a person expressing it, except … understand.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #237

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