The Thought I Woke Up With #236

The real power behind the throne

The brain, it is said is the most powerful thing within the human body. It is, you could say, the master and commander. The heartbeat is triggered by an electrical signal from the brain, as is breathing, thoughts, body temperature … everything. Brain decides, the body part ordered dutifully follows, as best as it can.

There is something more powerful that the brain however. Absolutely more powerful. So powerful in fact it cuts the brain off at the knees, so to say.

That something is laughter.

Laughter cuts across everything. Literally.

If one can laugh when they are ill, for example, they will get better quicker. Equally, it has been said, if one is of a grim and severe disposition generally, they are likely to become ill. I’m not sure about that as a blanket statement, nevertheless it is absolutely a fact of life that happy people are easier people to be around, healthy or sick.

Laughter has an energy all its own. A most powerful energy. So powerful that it stops the brain, and mind for that matter, in their tracks. When you laugh, the brain, and mind, disappear. You could say that laughter is the vehicle that transports you into heaven. Heaven being a state of mind, obviously.

That, brings into focus the whole dimension of control. By that I mean, everything happens in mind. And You Can control your mind. It’s your mind after all.

Difficult concept to accept for a great many, as they walk through cities, climb immovable looking mountains, and try to talk a policeman out of issuing a speeding ticket, but, none the less it’s true. Just think dreaming.

When you dream, does not the dream appear real? Do you not find yourself feeling, acting and doing as you do in so called real life? Of course you do. And where does all that stuff happen? No one I’m aware off actually builds cities, dungeons and skyscrapers, or chases bad guys and things in their bed while experiencing dreams and nightmares. It all happens in mind.

Life as we know it is the same deal, same concept. And you know what? It’s about as meaningful too. Think about it this way if you will. All the rubbish and drama human beings conjure up, oh look at poor me, you done me wrong, you this, you that, you such and such …

… how about one just stops for a moment, just one moment— that’s not a long time right— it want take away from lunch, self pity, a beer or shooting the shit with friends right? Take just one little solitary moment, and take ownership. Do that and bam! Right there. Right in that instant, life changes.

Taking ownership is the one and only true purpose of being here. The only purpose really! Everything else is but a distraction.

What’s that got to do with the brain?

Simply this. True life and reality take place beyond the brain. So does the decision to reconnect.

Just like the real power behind the throne of a dream you dream in your bed when asleep is you, so is your true Self the power behind this dream you call your earthly life.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #236

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