The Thought I Woke Up With #235

Cowgirls don’t cry

I came across a country song lyric this morning that caught my attention, and it just went and muscled its way into being the “The Thought,” to write about.

The lyric kind of reminded me of my two daughters and the things I talked about when they were growing up. Sometimes the talk/teaching isn’t perhaps always the best. It is however, always done with the absolutely best of intentions.

No father wants to see his little girl have her heart broken. But deep down he knows it’s bound to happen somewhere down the track. That’s just the way it is on the Blue Planet. So we prepare them as best we can.

Isn’t it funny though, you’d rather have your daughter being a heartbreaker than having her heart broken, and yet, a heartbreaker breaks someone’s heart. What about that poor bugger? It’s all about me and mine I suppose. Just another Blue Planet farce, nonetheless, farce or not you just want your baby to get up after one of life’s falls, hang tough, dust herself off, and ride on. As the lyric says:

Cowgirls don’t cry, ride, baby, ride
Lessons of life show us all in time
Too soon God will let you know why
If you fall get right back on
The good Lord calls everybody home
Cowgirl don’t cry.

Unfortunately, sometimes we teach them a little too well. Sometimes we teach this flawed lesson so well that they hold onto the pain and anguish that has no right being there. Pain and anguish a child of Creation has no place holding onto, nursing, rocking and nurturing as if it were a precious newborn. That kind of holding onto is akin to taking a mouthful of poison and holding it in the mouth while it slowly seeps into the tissue and makes its way through the body.

Isn’t it just so crazy, so insane, how we dress up grotesqueness and parade it around as some kind of nobleness and strength? Look at me, look at me! I’m holding a beast inside my heart. Aren’t I brave and strong for not tossing it into the pit where it belongs!

Look at it all, dear reader. Force open at least one eye. That’ll do to start. And look. Reality isn’t this. It simply cannot be.

And for those of you who believe in Jesus. The one they refer to as the Savior. The one who taught Love and peace and Joy and Happiness. You too look. Don’t be led by the nose like some prize animal. Look and ask:

Why have they got him on a cross, nailed in place, in pain, suffering. Helpless.

Jesus the Son of God, helpless? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Children of God, children of Creation do not suffer. They do not cry or wring their hands in desperation and anguish. They are immortal and reside in a happy place.

Let me tell you something. If Jesus made a comeback, he’d take a torch to the churches, the mosques and all other places of so called worship, and burn them to the ground, as a matter of priority.

Love has no place in golden trinkets, bejewelled staffs and flowing robes made of finest silks and cottons. Those things belong in the devils house. As that’s where they actually are.

So to all daughters in the world, we haven’t got everything right, us fathers, in fact, we got more wrong than right, particularly when it comes to the world into which we brought you, but, of one thing you can be assured, we do always love you.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #235

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