The Thought I Woke Up With #232


What does a scientist, an theist and a bible believer have in common? None will listen to the other.

Try talking to any of them about god and they will have their take on the subject, and boy, there ain’t no way you ganna shift that good ole boy’s stance on the matter. No sir, no way no how.

And what is their stance based on? Their own perceptions, beliefs and views, which are in turn grounded in ignorance. Ignorance and superstition, actually.

A scientist will pretend to have the answers, Oh yes, human consciousness is simply a state of matter, that’s all, is the mantra. Currently anyway.

An atheist will cross his arms, stick out his chin, and resolutely announce, There is no god!

A fanatical believer of course takes a diametrically opposing view and defiantly states, There is god! No question, no debate. Throw me to the hungry lions but I will stand firm.

How do you know, sir?

Why it’s in the bible, heathen!

Why am I a heathen? 

You believe in the holy book?


You’re a heathen. 

So let us try and understand these people. They have in fact concluded, ‘this, that and the other,’ about god without knowing anything about god! Makes about as much sense as planting corn mid-winter and wondering why there isn’t a crop come harvest time.

Each group has its high priests. These are the folks that stand in front of congregations, interviewers and television cameras and debate the issue ad nauseam. If they only talked that’d be one thing, but they go way, way further. They start wars. Ask yourself, how many have died attacking for, and or defending, their beliefs in god? Throughout the centuries, how many have died for some holy cause or other? Millions?

Can you think of anything more preposterous? Can you seriously think of anything more insane than killing huge groups of men, women and children so as to try and prove that, My god is the true god, and your god is a schlep compared to him!

But wait! It gets better dear reader, in a tragic, perversely sick and ignorant kind of way; they all say there is only one god. That’s the religious crowd for you.

At least a scientist will admit that in the end he doesn’t really know. An atheist, well, he doesn’t really know what he knows except that he knows it!

Bottom line … when it comes to God … throw them all into the never-never, and find out for yourself.

You don’t need anything but a willingness to find out what it is that drives you. Spend time alone, contemplate, feel your own essence. Feel your own being. And there is a being, a something, there. You didn’t come out of a cornflakes packet.

Something drives you; something compels you to smile at a baby, to enjoy the smell of a rose, to embrace that certain someone just a little bit more affectionately, to enjoy looking at a beautiful sunrise, to feel the connection with the higher power. Something within you does those things.

Concentrate on your something, and see what it wants to tell you. Where it wants you to head.

And tell the rest of them to go jump!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #232

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