The Thought I Woke Up With #231

Lights of Love

Did you ever play hide and seek?

Of course you have. Everyone has. The rules are simple, right? One or more people hide as best as they possibly can while the seeker, with eyes closed and covered with their hands waits for an agreed to period of time, then says something like, Ready or not, here I come, and the seeking begins.

I remember playing it. It was fun, even if I wasn’t the best “hider.”

But you know what that game is a metaphor for? Life. Or to put it a little more accurately life in ego, life as we are living it within the bounds of humanity. And it isn’t much fun.

Oh sure, we have interludes and intermezzos; gaps called parties, fun and games, celebrating all kinds of things but always, and I mean always, fear, like a black fog enveloping and seeping into everything, prevails.

Even during the “fun” times one is advised to be careful, to be sensible, to keep their wits about them. And it isn’t always physical danger that we worry about, although caution is always advised in that regard, particularly when living in cities. The worry is related to work, relationships, finances, being stuck in circumstances and situations that are tedious and unproductive if not indeed destructive, and so on.

You could say living the ego-life is akin to swimming underwater, dodging sharks and keeping a keen eye on stingrays, coming up for air every now and then, hoping nothing nasty drops into the mouth while sucking in the big ones, as they say.

We are diving in the ocean of fear, filled to the brim with nasty’s to keep us forever nervous and tense.

Who does that? What kind of being creates an environment like that for itself? And let’s not think mystical here. Think practical for a moment. Why is it that humans with all their knowledge, available wisdom and technology and communication and EVERYTHING, don’t collectively say, enough! No more! No more war. No more discrimination, hate or greed. Let’s just get along.

Answer- the kind of being that does that is the kind that feels immensely guilty and terrified.

Why guilty? And terrified of what?

Both these issues stem from a mistaken belief. The immense guilt is the result of the decision to disconnect from Creation and the Creator. And the deep fear arises from the equally mistaken belief that the Creator is vengeful and is out to punish.

So fundamental and profound is the guilt and fear everything in the ego world is at best a double-edged sword. Everything. Even ego’s version of love is such a thing, Be careful about falling in love, you’ll get hurt. Love that will end up hurting you? Says it all really.

And lets get just a tad logical. If the Creator wanted to harm and punish, what? You don’t think He could find us? The whole notion is ridiculous.

Here is the truth and the reality. We have never disconnected. The Creator loves its creations just as we love ours. Likewise, as we would never hurt our own creations neither would He harm his.

This so called disconnection is but a mistaken idea. A mistaken thought. A small error in judgment that was corrected the moment it occurred.

Beneath the thoughts that created this hiding place, filled it with things of self-punishment and unnatural happenings, is the true Self. A brilliant and beautiful light that can never be extinguished. That light, my dear reader is you, me, us.

We are the Lights of Love.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #231

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