The Thought I Woke Up With #229

Self hate

Ask someone, anyone, what they think love is and you’ll generally find them struggling.

Conversely, ask them what hell is and they will have no trouble expanding. The elucidation will often be accompanied by nervous laughter.

It’s an interesting human trait; thoughts of trouble and toil come easily while those of love and lucidness come hard.

Some religions have made suffering an art form. They have god as some kind of schizoid superpower that created everything, is loving, caring, benign and gentle, yet, he must be feared and obeyed. And if you should ever really piss him off, well sister, best you pack you bags and head for the station, the midnight train be along shortly. And it want be taking you to no Georgia either, that train be taking you to hell, directly!

Is that the world’s greatest oxymoron or what? God is Love, but he’ll tear your arms out of their sockets and use ‘em as earplugs quick as look at ya if you get his dander up. Say what?

And isn’t it just super, so caring and compassionate how religion happens to be the conduit that can hook you up with your lord and personal saviour? I mean, ain’t that just so fine and dandy, so darn nice of ‘em! But! And there’s always a but right? But you must be a Christian, a Muslim, a this or that, otherwise, sorry Sparky, caint hep ya!

And if you want to see how some still interpret religion at this very moment we have us a perfect example of its love and gentility right there in the Middle East. In the name of god I will kill your children, rape, enslave and eventually kill your wife and behead you right now. Ahhh isn’t insanity expressed through religion a beautiful thing!

You ever hear of ‘Remissions,’ dear reader? If you haven’t allow me to enlighten your good self. And if you have, consider it a refresher.

The Catholic Church used to sell what they called Remissions. Which, not to put too finer point on it meant you could buy your way out of hell and into Heaven.

That’s right. You could have brought your way into Heaven. And if you didn’t have enough money? Well, you know, too bad, so sad, off you go, follow the lady to the station, and you ain’t goin’ to Georgia either.

Seriously though, the church sold remissions, through the purchase of which one bought their way out of sin and into heaven. And since everyone is a sinner according to them, the market was hotter than devils annual soul harvest picnic.

So the church got richer and fatter while the poor starved. Not to mention the anxiety the poor buggers must have felt because they couldn’t buy a ticket to heaven while the lord of the manor could use and abuse to his hearts content then simply pop around to the church yard with a purse full of gold coin and hey presto! All is forgiven. Heaven on a stick. There you go.

Now we can poke fun and ridicule at the whole religious based redemption concept, however the fact remains that millions of people rely on religion to get them through the day. And good luck to them. People doing the best they can with what they have.

It needs to be understood however that religion does not work. And the reason it does not is because it is an ego invention.

Religion is ego, telling ego, that ego is god and to pray to itself.

Way too often we look for the mysterious. And that’s a big mistake. There is no mystery. Ego  doesn’t hide anything. Ego has the ‘hide in plain view’ concept so down it’s beyond down pat.

For all its bluster and dancing and prancing and huffing and puffing, ego is a weak, terrified, ashamed, self-loathing thing.

If you don’t believe me look for yourself. Look at the world. Look at what is going on.

Look at your own life. How much of your own life makes true sense? How much true love is in it? How are you feeling most of the time? What are you doing, and why are you doing it?

Not telling anyone what to do. I don’t do that. I am simply saying, stop! Take note. Evaluate. And if you’re happy, carry on. If not, make some changes.

Much love to you all.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #229

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