The Thought I Woke Up With #227


Is there magic?

Not the kind of magic magicians do. That’s not magic, that’s trickery. Right before your eyes, abracadabra! The girl is sawn in half, then, another incantation and she’s magically in one piece once more. Which is kind of cool; part of a torso and two legs walking down the street would be a little unsettling to see.

I am referring to magic as in the power to influence events in a mysterious and supernatural way. I would say the majority of people would have a hard time agreeing that that kind of magic exists. It’s a little like miracles; deep down everyone would like to believe in them but logic suggests otherwise; walking on water would be nice but really …

There is something however I believe is in fact magical, both in power and potency. It is totally unique and there’s nothing to match it. Not even love. Love is powerful to be sure but is more specific, whereas this phenomenon exceeds every-thing and every-one, it has no boundaries whatsoever.

This power I speak of is kindness.

Kindness transcends all race, colour, breed and type. Kindness is magical.

Everything and everyone feels the kindness. Kindness never misses. A dog will respond to kindness. No words are necessary. Kindness has a language all its own.

You can look at a person and you’ll just know, there goes a kind person. That is because when we feel the touch of kindness we are experiencing the touch of Creation itself.

Knowledge isn’t kindness. Power isn’t kindness. Wealth isn’t kindness. Religion certainly isn’t kindness.

Enlightenment is kindness.

The more enlightened one becomes the kinder one is, which really is common sense when you think about it. Spirit, the Self, is loving kindness and enlightenment is reclaiming of the Self.

Sharing kindness is a most beautiful thing. Indeed it is beyond beautiful. But you know what is even more glorious than sharing kindness? Becoming kind.

When we become kind, we become godly.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #227

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