The Thought I Woke Up With #223


Everyone arrives on this planet via the same route – physical birth. Everyone leaves this planet the same way – death. In between, barring severe health issues and accidents, everyone has the same equipment to work with: brain, eyes, limbs and so on. Likewise, most everyone says they want the same things on the way through – love, peace, abundance and so on.

You may agree that one would be hard pressed to find too many individuals falling outside the above-stated portrayal. As far as basics go humans are all cut from the same cloth.

Writer Harry Bernstein put it this way: We’re not very different from one another, not different at all in fact. We’re all just people with the same needs, the same desires, and the same feelings. It’s a lie about us being different.

So with all this sameness around why is the world riddled with prejudice, ignorance, hurt, heartbreak, hate, disunity and scarcity? Why the mad, mindless compulsion to be better, superior and separate? The answer to that question is specialness.

It starts from the moment you are born. Parents, generally speaking, family and friends all tell you how much prettier than the rest you are, how special, how you’re going to achieve great things, and so on and so forth. As you grow and mature, specialness is promoted at every turn, your religion is special, your country is special, your values are special, and everything you do is special. Specialness is impressed into you over and over until it is ingrained into your psyche like a burning brand into flesh.

In reality specialness is the sucker-punch that floors you over and over again. You feel special and mighty about something, some situation, some scenario, in relation to some person, then end up being floored by what the world calls reality.

Like a good soldier, though, you keep getting up and charging forward. This persistence is comparable to that of an addict who knows the substance used is killing them but the compulsion to keep doing it is too overwhelming for them to stop. It is akin to the person who wakes up coughing their lungs out each morning then proceeds to light up a fresh cigarette.

Specialness is code for superiority. It is not only actively encouraged and promoted at every turn it is deemed compulsory and rewarded with wealth and recognition.

Children are told and instructed to see themselves as special. Individuals who seem to have unusual and rare traits or talents are elevated above fellow citizens. Approved models of specialness are paraded and promoted and allowed to get away with things other mere mortals would be severely punished for in a blink of an eye.

On the surface the specialness concept is kindly, positive and well intentioned. Look into it a little deeper and you will note it is a mask beyond which lurks the beast in all its duplicitous and ignominious glory. A truly malignant, treacherous and tyrannical concept used to the hilt to entrap and keep you in the jaws of separateness. Special equals separate. Separate equals alone. Alone means not part of Creation. And there you have it!

A passage from my book, Him & Me available at Zeus Publications

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The Thought I Woke Up With #223

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