The Thought I Woke Up With #222


Women have been around as long as men!

There you go, dear reader. That alone was worth the price of the ticket, yes? Of course it was. I mean where else would you have such wisdoms dumped into your lap? Such spiritually penetrating idioms, argots and patois tossed at you with such gay abandon and jolly spontaneity?

It’s true too. Men and women are dependent on each other. There you go again, today must be a day you are dunked and sanctified under the waters of written righteousness and vernacular.

All the long-windedness and verbosity aside, the simple and basic fact remains; human life depends equally, on the male and the female. For reproduction we need a mum and dad. At least that’s been way of it historically. With Science going the way it’s going who knows, things are very likely to change dramatically.

It’s a little scary in many ways. You can just see it can’t you. A solemn, but joyful, laboratory setting. The head Beaker clears its throat. Do you, Test Tube A, take this here Test Tube B, to be your partner until natural wear-out or an unforseen incident, like a dislodgement form a spinning centrifuge, parts you?

Made to order Lab-babies. Can you just imagine what some of them tots will look like? Be no different to ordering a puppy; human beings being as they are. For just a few dollars more, you can have one that’s

But I digress. Men and women are equal in every sense. Different biological setups obviously but in every way equal. How much more equal can you be when one depends on the other for its very existence? Not that you’d know it though. Not to put too finer a point on it, women have been used, abused and ruled over from the moment they joined the humanity circus.

Women have been oppressed mercilessly and methodically. You know how bad it’s been? The subjugation has been so profoundly deep, so intense and overwhelming, women overall accepted their second rate status as a natural order of things.

Women were not allowed to compete with men, one on one. Her job was at home; barefoot and pregnant. God forbid she wanted to go and preach at the same rally as Jesus.

And speaking of God? God is a He, of course. Just look. Right there. See. He’s got a flowing long beard and everything. Don’t you know anything?!

How many great classical musicians, poets, dancers or scientists are women? Not many is the answer. Why is that? Everyone knows women are just as intelligent as men. Never given the opportunity, that’s why.

Her job has always been to stand behind, him. Behind every great man there’s a great woman.

I am not saying that women should suddenly decide to bounce up and rush off into the fray; grind their stilettos into the tender regions of any man that stands in their way and take charge. That’d be just as obtuse as the other lot. The point I am making is that women have every right to do those things if they so choose. The operative word being choice.

But it’s more than choice even. Much more than just choice. It is about women freeing themselves from the stereotypical mind-frames foisted upon them by inferior beings during inferior times.

The good news is that within the western cultures things are changing. Women are waking up to their very own power and pride. As Bob Dylan sings, For the times, they are a-changin’.

That said, there are far, far too many women still living under the yoke of ignorance, and tyranny of mentally impotent men.

Men have been running the place forever. And look at what we have. Last two thousand years have been nothing but wars, murders, massacres, rapes … is that what it’s about?

It is time for men and women who are in a position to help, to reach out to the women still oppressed and held slave by ignorance, arrogance and conditioning. To help them see that they are in every way equal to the men holding them down. That they are above the archaic   laws of church and state. To help them shake the sleep from their eyes so as to wake to the glory of their Self.

Love, respect and equality are every human being’s birthright.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #222

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