The Thought I Woke Up With #221

Some kind of dropkick

Why are you here?

Some would call that the eternal question. The great mystery. It isn’t really. The answer is very straightforward and simple. You are here because you can.

The more interesting question is, Why can you? Be here, that is.

I mean, why would anyone in their right mind create a cesspool of pain, misery, fear and murder, then calm as you please drop themselves in the middle of it, call it their home, and proceed to duck, doge and weave their way to their demise? Their death? Often unpleasant.

What kind of dropkick would do that? Leave love, peace and spectacle, the glory of which is beyond anything a human mind can conceive, for murder and mayhem?

Well, the answer to that too is simple … because you’re free, and powerful, enough to do almost anything you choose to! Literally.

Almost? I hear your mind ticking. Knew there was a catch. No, there’s no catch. The only thing you can’t do, is destroy or harm yourself because to do that would mean you could harm and destroy the Creator itself. And that, as they say in the classics is mission impossible.

Anything other than self-elimination is on the menu. And we do think up some beauts, don’t we? Like:

Think yourself prisoner, tossed into the entrails of hell, to suffer and whine and think fat burgers and grease laden chips good eating? Ha! Colonel’s your uncle. Not a problem.

Believe yourself capable of pining for love? Tick. Why certainly.

Decide to be president? Yes you can.

Think up a demon to terrorise you? Pfft, all in a snap of the celestial fingers.

Stick your finger into a live light bulb socket? Naturally.

The point I’m making is just this: We are capable of doing anything we choose. Just look at what we actually are doing; making ourselves believe we’re impoverished and feeble. Now that right there is a one heck of an effort. Huge. That alone is enough, more than enough, to make the point. An eagle making itself believe to be a sparrow …

… when one can do that, anything else is a piece of cake.

Think about that for a moment. An eagle thinking itself a sparrow, means, the “sparrow” can still do eagle things. Easily. Because it’s still an eagle it hasn’t really changed, it just thinks it has.

You my dear reader, are that eagle. And you know what? You’ve done eagle things. There have been moments, times, when you’ve done things that have surprised, if not even amazed, you. You may have even thought at the time, Where did that come from?

Were those times accidental? No. Impossible. You don’t fly like an eagle, you don’t do eagle things, by accident. It literally isn’t possible. That’d be like a rabbit doing lion type things.

A lion is always a lion, an eagle is always an eagle, and a child of Creation is forever a child of Creation.

So don’t even try the silly exercises and mind games that allegedly turn you back into an eagle. That’s like asking the lion to think he is a lion. Say what?

Instead, sit quietly and feel your depth of calmness, feel your Self. Then … get up and go about your daily life as quietly and as lovingly as you can manage, remembering the peace, the quiet and the absolute strength that comes from that, at every opportunity.

You are what you are, and will forever be. And no amount of pretending otherwise can ever change it.

When an eagle is majestically soaring in the sky, he doesn’t think about being an eagle— he just IS.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #221

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