The Thought I Woke Up With #220

Only true love is forever

What do you do, when it comes to pass that the solemnly uttered, Until death do us part, seems like the worst mistake you ever made? When sticking with the oath given before ‘God and man’ means sinking deeper into the morass of dismay and disconnect?

Tell me? Where does one go?

There are a number of places that seem common points of congregation for the broken hearted and the disillusioned: the houses of alcohol, drugs, illicit affairs, violence and … suicide.

Now ain’t that bitch, dear reader! To turn to self destruction because a relationship doesn’t work out.

A macabre, self debasing flagellation it is to even consider doing something, anything, pertaining to self harm because two people can’t make a relationship happen. Can’t work things out. Can’t, at the end of the day, get on.

And doesn’t the ego system tie it all up so nicely! Sets expectations so high the weight of which is enough to kill a seasoned farm mule. Then when things don’t work out you get hit with an additional whammy; branded a failure. And the question is asked, Married, Single, Divorced? The answer should be– None of your business. What difference does it make? Ah, but it does make a difference in this twisted ego systemic fiasco which we believe ourselves to operate within.

Makes you wanna spit, don’ it?

But stop.




Why indeed. The whole notion is way beyond ludicrous. The most idiotic thing foisted on man. To think that you can make a commitment like that; a commitment of such monumental significance; a forever commitment, at a time when everything seems wonderful and life is groovy.

And let’s say that one of the two individuals thinks they feel it, in their heart of hearts, that yes, this is it. How can they truly know what the other is feeling?

Now let me say right here, I am in no way shape or form against marriage. Marriage, as an institution has served humanity well. And for many, many couples it has been a case of, ‘Until death do us part.’

For far many more however, the institution hasn’t been the ‘Promised Land’ they thought it would be; the milk and honey stopped flowing, replaced with dearth and deficiency.

And no matter how anyone spins it there is always a little bit of stigma attached; a little tinge of failure in the back of mind when such relationships don’t work out. Which is irrational.

It is irrational because– Only true Love is forever.

There are no failures. There are no losers. There are only the sleepwalkers looking for their way home. And home is? True Love.

What happens with marriages, with any relationship whatsoever therefore, is that one finds a partner with whom to walk the road. And more often than not it is indeed a rocky road, and that’s okay. That’s just the way it is, and no matter the outcome, as long as one has learned, woken up just a little more, it’s all good.

So, my dear reader, be gentle on yourself.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #220

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