The Thought I Woke Up With #219

Watching the Mind

Mind has been coming to “mind” a fair bit of late. So we shall continue with it … as is the whole idea and commitment to this twelve months of daily blogs based on whatever thought I wake up it, or that comes to mind soon thereafter.

In my book “Him & Me,” I talk about mind and its shenanigans and it appears that’s what needs to be reiterated here. So, without further ado:

There is only one thing more powerful than your mind. You. It is important for you to be reminded of that. You created it for a specific reason and gave it a very specific task to perform. Do not become irritated and upset, therefore, when you find it difficult to watch its workings. Its workings are the veil behind which you hide from an imagined enemy.

During the initial stages of mind watching you will in all probability find it difficult. It will appear as if you have no control and everything is helter skelter; all over the place like a dog’s dinner. As true as that may be you need to keep reminding yourself that mind is not resisting you. It is not your enemy nor is it doing anything outside the charter you imposed upon it. Your mind is running wild, unbridled and unscrutinised, not because it has a mind of its own but because it is doing what you created it to do.

The initial difficulty encountered arises from an inability to focus on any one thing. Thoughts, feelings, images, memories, jealousies, hates, old slights, imagined slights, fears and whatever other idiosyncrasies and senselessness you can imagine, flit across the mind then disappear just as quickly as they had appeared. You are confronted with a kind of a chaos-dance with everything going every which way.

This mental mayhem you are observing flies in the face of everything that has been drummed into you since you were a little ego, and continues to be drummed into you until the day you shuffle off this mortal coil. Not to be in control means to be weak and pathetic. You must be strong, take charge, they say. Then here you are. You can’t even control your own thoughts for a minute or two. Oh dear, freak-out time.

When such feelings come, gently dismiss them. Remind yourself that you are the creator of mind and are but using it wrongly. Your mind is your version of Creation. It is your version of that. So relax, observe and see the awesomeness of this thing you have created. Remember also that as its creator you are in fact the one who can change the programming, so to speak. So be gentle. This thing we call mind is yours; it is part of you and it cannot harm you. In fact, its power and loveliness are like nothing else in your dual existence.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #219

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