The Thought I Woke Up With #214


Today, I’d like you to do something self-seeking, and a little selfish, dear reader. That is to say, today, do a little something just for you.

Whether you do it or not is up to you, obviously, but I think it’d be a great idea if you were to do a little something just for you. It won’t take long and it isn’t at all painful. In fact, I do believe you’ll like the experience.

Get a pen and some writing paper, or a notepad. Find a spot in your place of residence where you will not be disturbed. If the fancy takes you, light a candle, get some calming music going, sit down, relax and start writing all the good and positive things you have ever done. And I mean, all good and kind things that you can remember, are to be listed.

Go from such things as I saved a puppy from a nasty tomcat when I was a kid through to, I won a million dollar account, donated a kidney or I used to be the best darn hamburger cook that ever graced a McDonald’s kitchen.

The only rule here is that everything good and positive is to be listed.

The reason for this exercise is very simple. Way, way too often we don’t stop to appreciate ourselves, value, praise or acknowledge our worth. Life is all about improving, achieving, meeting expectations (usually other peoples) and serving those around us. Well, you need to stop that.

Adopt the ‘What about Me’ song as your anthem; at least for a short while, on a semi-regular bases. Start with that and then move on as the Spirit moves you. Let me tell you what will happen if you don’t start focusing on yourself. You will, find yourself standing all-alone on the dance floor. Watching others snuggling and slow dancing. And everyone you heaped your time and efforts upon will appreciate you from afar, not because they are bad people but simply because everyone’s life is their own and because time stands still for no one.

Talking about time. Let me tell you about time. You know the Joker, in the Batman comics and movies? The supervillain and Batman’s archenemy? The nasty pest who wreaks havoc and chaos on everyone he comes into contact with? That’s time!

Bet you’ve never heard it put like that before. Generally it’s- Old Father Time. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. Time is priceless, blah. blah. blah. Time is a dropkick. The only good thing to do with time is make fun of it and disregard it. Time is a useless thing.

Time is nothing more than a noose that tightens around your neck until you drop dead. Unless you stop, look, and see it for what it actually is…

… an idiotic, un-practical, un-funny, and un-real joke, you play upon yourself.

But here’s the rub. You’ll never see anything like that unless you take time out to look.

So take your quiet time. Tell the world to go jump for 20 – 30 minutes, and focus on YOU! But not just on you. Focus on the greater you.

And seriously, if you can’t spare that on yourself, you deserve everything you get. Which will of course be … not very much at all.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #214

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