The Thought I Woke Up With #212

The sound of falling coins

Writer Robert Louis Stevenson wrote: Everyone lives by selling something. He got that right too. There’s not much on this planet money can’t buy.

Everyone’s selling and everyone’s buying something. Literally. Be it a person selling their time to whoever employs them or some other kind of sales deal.

Just as an example, here some of the more out of the ordinary things brought and sold;

Some jails are selling prison-cell upgrades, which nonviolent offenders can buy to enjoy a clean, quiet cell and a restful sleep.

The services of a surrogate mother can be readily brought these days.

Doctors selling concierge type services that allow patients same-day appointments, for an annual fee.

The European Union auctions off carbon-dioxide emission allowances. So companies can buy the right to pollute.

People sell “Forehead Space,” so as to allow companies to display commercial advertising there.

Human guinea-pigs. People sell themselves for drug-safety trials.

Mercenaries have sold their services to war-lords and various private military contractors forever.

Lobbyists pay people to stand in line for them while waiting to see politicians.

Those are just some of the tamer things people sell and buy. We haven’t mentioned the guy who put his testicle on the market so he could buy his dream car. A couple that wanted to sell their baby so they could buy an iPhone, allegedly. Or a girl selling her virginity so she could buy mum and dad a house.

How about the guy who sold a kidney to buy his girl a Hermes Bag? Poor bugger got dumped soon thereafter.

Ultimately everything is brought and sold, even wives; an Indian gentleman sold his wife so he could buy beer. Or, finance his drinking, as was put to the police when they caught up with that little exchange.

From day dot, everything has been up for sale. God must have been the original infomercial guy. Think about it. You can wax lyrical about love, peace, tranquillity, kindness and gentles for a month of Sundays, but if you don’t have the rubbles, baby, you’re gutter bound.

I am talking about this not because I want anyone to despise the world, or money, or anything to do with this world being as it is. I am simply drawing attention to it.

Money isn’t bad or evil. It is just a currency required to get by around here. That’s all.

The problem truly arises when one becomes enchanted by it. Mesmerised by it. When the sound of coins is all one can hear, than, one has a real problem, because then the sounds of a baby laughing cannot be heard, the beauty of a sunset cannot be seen nor a touch of a loved one felt.

Don’t let that one be you.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #212

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