The Thought I Woke Up With #211

Positive Thinking and Influence

Think positive. Cultivate a positive mental attitude and an optimistic disposition in every situation.

That’s right. Every situation! You wife has just run off with an ostrich farmer. Oh dear, isn’t that a shame. Don’t worry though, be positive.

Your husband is doing sleepovers with his PA. Well, he doesn’t deserve you. Keep your disposition be sunny! Stay positive.

Oh My God! My pussy-cat just got run over by an 18-wheeler. It’s okay, he’s in pet heaven now. Stay positive.

Why are you crying?

My brother is dying of cancer.

Oh, that’s a shame, but stay positive. Everything will be alright.

Here’s a little gem from the daddy of positive thinking, Dale Carnegie:

If only people who worry about their liabilities, would think about the riches they do possess, they would stop worrying.

There you go. Easy as that. Just think about the positives and everything will be swell.

Shame he doesn’t tell us how one just stops thinking about certain things and only focuses on others. I’ll tell you why? Because he doesn’t know. That’s why.

I do like this positive attitude quote. Herm Albright seems to have got the handle on the whole positive attitude industry:

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

Think about it, dear reader, being positive all of the time isn’t possible. Trying to do so isn’t healthy. And pretending to be is totally dishonest.

Positive thinking is a bullshit proposition, sold by dishonest people, only interested in your money.

Here’s another point to consider. Win Friends and Influence People is an extremely popular book. If not one of the most popular? But what does it teach? That you should go around trying to impress, influence and win people.

How is that a good thing?

How does one win people. That by its very definition means someone has to lose. I’m going to win you, whether you like it or not. Absurd.

And what about influencing people? How is that a healthy way to look at life and self. It’s like you’re going about selling stuff 24/7. Influencing all that you meet. The goal is for them to be powerless in your presence.

Isn’t it better to develop the Self? To simply become the observer of mind. To look upon everything that is there. The positive, the negative, the good, the bad and the ugly. And by so doing come to understand the Self and the very Creation itself?

There’s no one to influence in Truth and Love. Nor do I want to be “influenced.” I want to be loved.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #211

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