The Thought I Woke Up With #210

It Ain’t Necessarily So

This morning’s thought was about a piece I wrote a while ago. About the  spiritual journey being filled with trials and tribulations that are part and parcel of it. Basically, a fair bit of the time it isn’t fun. ‘Undoing’ is often times pretty tough going.

It is important however to have fun along the way, because, bottom line, none of this crud is real. Until the time when one understands that the experience cn be a little strained and tearful.

Essentially, a normal, every-day type person can’t skip and giggle their way to success and happiness. Yes I know the internet’s brimming with no effort, universe will provide, sit on the couch and dream your way into bliss and Golly Wobble Bliss Bombs methods and ways, but unfortunately Sparky, it ain’t necessarily so.

Over the years I have talked to, and worked with, numerous people who had spent sizable amounts of money on various self-development courses and programs without realising any long term or tangible results.

I have also personally been there done that. Back in the day, I had a library full of books and programs which hyped me up for a short period then left me flatter than a rabbit run over by a 24-wheeler on a backwoods highway.

I’ve stared into the mirror till my eyes teared up and repeated affirmations until I knew them sideways. No pasó nada.

Tried role-modeling different people; emulating their walk, talk, attire and so forth. I think I would have aped their bowl movements had I been able to get close enough to witness those particular private moments; and of course the stalking laws are always at the back of ones mind.

I’ve paid good money to attend seminars, the presenters of which were nothing more than pumped up energiser bunnies popping wisdoms like cheap popcorn.

I’ve tried creative visualisation, the law of attraction, goal setting, not caring and more. No deal.

Heck, I’ve even travelled from Australia to the USA to listen to a guy who sat in a chair and announced he was connected to God. Dude said that God would, through him, provide us peons with all the answers. God must have been taking a break when my turn came to ask some questions because all I got was Everything is as it should be. Alrighty then. Thanks scoop.

A friend took me to a spiritualist church where a woman would get up and read the leaves which you brought in with you. There was a small tree out front and most attendees, including me, ripped off a few leaves on the way in for this oracle to read. That poor tree.

Yes, I’m having a little retrospective fun right here, and I don’t want you, dear reader, to think I’m anti all self-help books and platform professional type people, as those materials are relevant and attract those at different levels of readiness and resolve.

I am taking the opportunity however to simply say to everyone, be aware.

Not everything wrapped up in the cloak of spirituality is always a good thing. A lot of the material out there is excellent information, however there is even more of it that’s about as useful as a skunk at a romantic dinner. Take care.

There is a great deal more to the life process than chanting, affirming, and paying good money to bad people.

Process things for yourself. Focus on trusting your own feelings. Go within at every opportunity. Because as the good Mr Normie Rowe sings:

The things that you’re liable
To read in the bible
It ain’t necessarily so

The things that your preacher
Is liable to teach you
Ain’t necessarily so

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #210

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