The Thought I Woke Up With #240


Death row planet

In this world we identify with, and acknowledge, only the things we see. I saw it with my own eyes, is meant as a statement of absolute fact. I tell ya, it was incredible … truly the most beautiful thing I ever did see.

Another guy sees the very same thing and yawns.

The exact same applies to everything in this world; sometimes you get large groups liking the same concepts, say music, art, sport, a motor vehicle and whatnot, however, there isn’t anything everyone will agree upon as the thing, the place, the person, the way of life, or whatever.

This is a planet of disunity, division and dissention at its very best. And we all know about the worst. Even in the things people agree with in principal, there will be little, or at times large, pockets of disagreement and dissention.

Nothing is ever perfect, absolute or everlasting. Even the things that should be everlasting are tempered with. There’s a good reason for that. That reason is the thing no one wants to think or talk about … death. It’d be irrational, if not downright insane, to expect a death row prisoner to be making grand, long-term plans.

When death is the end, and when there is absolutely no way around it, what can you expect? And it’s not like death comes suddenly, right? Not generally speaking anyway.

It’s not like you’re all hippy-hoppy and to the max jolly then bam! Dead. No sir, no way no how. Death takes its sweet, long, slow and torturers time. Every wrinkle, every grey hair, every ache, every new creek of the joint is deliberate, purposeful, methodical. It don’t let you forget who’s boss.

You could say this is, in realty, the death row planet. Earth is where the condemned are sent to wait out their last moments. No appeal, no reprieve, no mercy. All that stuff’s been done and dusted. You lost Sparky. Off you go. Earth. Wait. Die.

Now you know why most everyone arrives here in tears and keeps it up until they are reconditioned to put on a brave face, a smiley face, a wise face and any other face that suits the occasion.

Think about the ugliness of that, dear reader. Reflect on the utter futility, insignificance and pure purposelessness of that. It’s enough to give you gas. Or worse.

Or you could look at it another way. You could take the view that this is something of a transformational place. A place those so powerful, their power is way beyond the reaches of human understanding come to test themselves.

Just think for a moment, what greater skip and giggle would there be than for a all-powerful celestial than to slip into a self imposed state of helplessness and limitation then transform back. Do a beautiful butterfly to caterpillar, then back to a beautiful butterfly again.

Why would they want to do that? Well may you ask.

Answer … why not?

Makes more sense than most other theories. And it is one much more pleasant than dealing with crucifixions, beheadings in the name of god, and my god is number one and yours sux, crowds.

Catch you in the new year, all you beautiful butterflies.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #240

The Thought I Woke Up With #239

It’s Your Life

This time of year, in places of Christian persuasion, all the talk turns to love, Jesus, good will to all men, praise the lord and yadda yadda yadda. Then, it’s back to the “real world” for the next twelve months.

It’s no different with other religions, the only things that differs is the time of year and the colour of robes; they all carry on with basically the same stuff. Oh, and they all preach that- Mine is the only true religion. It’s just that some are more vocal. Vocal to the point of being totally obnoxious, and at times very dangerous.

Just that one sentence however, says it all. Mine is the only true religion. And make no mistake dear reader, they all think it. It’s just that some are more vocal and repugnant about it.

If mine is the one true religion, it means, by default, does it not, that yours is at best schlepping along second? And too, my dear reader, doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy how some will kill you quick as look at you just to prove how peaceful they are? Ahhhh the hypocrisy just steals your breath away don’ it?

And people are bewildered why the planet is blue? Why there is no peace and why religion as it stands will never bring the things it pretends it is all about: Love and Peace.

Religion is not about love and peace. Religion is about divisiveness and loathing. Don’t think so? Look around. What has been the one consistent, never quitting, never yielding, cause of war, death and destruction on a humongous scale?

Then they have the audacity to look at you all bewildered like and to ask; Why do you not choose love?

The system doesn’t allow for love. Everything is set up against it. Look what they did to the last fella who was about love? Remember Him?

But they make it all sound so easy, don’t they? Just read the endless number of book cover and seminar blurbs by the, ‘I can fix your life for a price of a book, seminar ticket or sermon donation,’ Mr Fixit’s.

They make it so easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. I mean what’s wrong with ya! All you got to do is let your spirit soar, decide to be happy, let your troubles go, and sing the song of joy, out loud!

Yeah baby! That’s all it takes. Come on now, y’ll give me an Amen!

Not all self-help people or preachers are like that. Obviously. There are enough of them out there though for one to practice caution. The best caution being that if it doesn’t sound right, feel right or sit right, it generally isn’t. If it sounds too easy and effort free it’s usually a con.

Prayer is likewise. If one polishes the pew and raises a sweat in prayer on Sunday, then walks out and exploits, lies and cheats through to next Saturday, all the prayer in the world isn’t going to help. That should be common sense.

Bottom line, the ego system can’t afford to have you free. The reason is as true, as it is ancient; a free person doesn’t belong in ego. A freed slave is no longer a slave. An enlightened person is no longer in ego. Enlightenment is the end of ego. So ego will literally fight to the death against enlightenment, and that’s exactly what happens.

Jesus Christ didn’t need a self-help book or a preacher. Self-help books and preachers are are all about making this place, this planet, better. About healing it.  And in that common, seemingly cute and innocuous belief, lays the greatest, cruellest, soul hook of them all. So does the greatest lesson of them all lay there also. It is this: You cannot make this a better place.

Trying to make this a better place is parallel to trying to cool down Hades by dropping a bag of ice cubes into it.

You don’t make this a better place. You leave this place. As He said:

My kingdom is not of this world. 

If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews.

But now my kingdom is from another place.

Not going all religious on you today, dear reader, just making the point; do what you need to do. Your life is purpose specific. Your purpose. Your responsibility. Others can help, but no one, not even the highest deity of them all can, or will interfere … except to help … if you ask. Only if you ask.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #239

The Thought I Woke Up With #238


Love is one of the, if not the, most abused and misused words in language. Any language.

But there is something else love is to humans. Something that dwarfs the things mentioned above; terror. Yes, love terrifies human beings.

To try and camouflage the bone deep distress and dread the very mention of the word love provokes, ego lashes out at it every which way but lose, including but most definitely not limited to, killing it. It doesn’t just want to kill love, it wants to do so slowly, painfully, publically, wherever, and whenever, possible. All in a mistaken belief that by killing love it will make itself safe and immortal.

In short, ego believes that love is its kryptonite. And, ego is right.

Ego and Love cannot co-exist. There aren’t too many things that are impossible when mind is put to work by way of resolution, this however, is one.

By extension therefore, trying to bring Love into this world is akin to attempting to mix oil and water, trying to blend them into one happy cocktail.

I will give you one simple, known to all humans example. Jesus Christ. He was Love. History tells us it didn’t work out too well for Him. Not only did ego try killing Him it made the act of doing so the biggest show in town. Biggest show on Earth, as it turns out. Look at me, look at me, I’m killing Love. Decreed ego proudly, and very loudly.

What kind of fool would try and kill love? Easy. One whose rotting heart is crawling with maggots of hate, and gripped from all sides by madness.

Now as everyone knows, Jesus wasn’t killed. Even the ones that pretend not to know, know. They just want to be publically pig-headed and mulish because they think it makes them, you know, like, way cool.

Simple fact of the matter is Love cannot be killed. To kill Love would mean to kill the Creator Itself. More than that, it would mean killing Self. C’mon, really? Like that’s going to happen.

Let’s just stop, think, and wake up a little, one eye open will do to start. Like the Child of Creation is going to kill Creation and commit suicide. And why? Because its nightmare tells it to? Now, dear reader, you may at this point be giggling at the absurdity of what I’m expressing and wondering if maybe I’d broken into my neighbours liquor cabinet?

To put your mind at ease, no, I haven’t tippled, and yes the whole notion is absurd. It’s beyond absurd. Yet … the absolute fact of the matter is that when we are in ego a part of our mind is out of Love.

And it’s not like ego offers anything worth having. On the contrary, the best ego can do is cheap imitations of Creation. Except for the threats. Ego is great with those. ‘Best you do as told Sparky or it’s the death penalty for you!’ Ego is big on the death penalty. Indeed the death penalty is its chief whip and weapon.

Ego’s version of love is the prime example of how pathetic ego’s offerings are. That’s because ego’s version of “love” is not Love. Ego’s version of love is selfishness wrapped up in shiny promises. The single best example of an “Indian Giver” present you could ever witness.

It is also “love” that fairly easily mutates into hate. Indeed when this so-called love mutates it’s a particularly ugly beast to behold.

If you are thinking that I’m saying love cannot be found in ego you are spot on. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Love cannot enter into hate. Nor can anything ego muscle its way into Love.

We do however, when we work at it, and through Love’s never ending presence, experience Love whilst in the ego state. In those instances, though, we are out of the ego state and in our rightful Love state.

You can liken it to being cold and warm. When you are nice and warm, cosy and tranquil it is not possible to be cold. Conversely, when you are cold and shivering warmth is absent.

One thing to keep in mind, as often as we remember to remind ourselves is— In realty, we are never out of Love.

Finally, my dear reader, if you think I’m exaggerating about humanity’s terror of Love, have a look around. Why don’t you see it, as opposed to what we have?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #238

The Thought I Woke Up With #237

Drama queen rage

If you’ve ever associated with a “drama queen,” two things eventually become obvious; these folks essentially live miserable lives and, they do their utmost to spread that misery around.

A drama queen is constantly caught up in a drama. You wouldn’t think there was so much drama to go around. Well, there is when your life is but a drama. It’s no different to peace. Looking at the world you’d be excused for thinking there wasn’t much peace around, but there is all the peace you could ever want, when you decide to live peacefully.

Drama queens are not just the quirky individuals who do idiosyncratic and peculiar things; drama queens are often a danger to themselves and those around them. They are filled with rage they feel compelled to spew out indiscriminately and universally.

There’s so much rage spewing forth form drama queens that it has become necessary to categorize and catalogue it.

For example, there’s the usual motley list like road rage, parking lot rage, air rage, sports rage, vending machine rage, video game rage, office rage, desk rage, TV rage, why wasn’t I promoted rage, laundry rage, Roid rage and so on.

Then you have the ‘Breakfast no longer available rage,’ particularly when they say it with that smile. You know the smile I mean; the one that says, I know it’s only 60 seconds beyond the hour but too bad. I’ve got the control and no brekkie for you.

But have you heard of Noodle Rage? That’s when a customer, unhappy with her seating arrangements decides to register her displeasure by hurling a bowl of noodles at the unsuspecting flight attendant.

Actually airline staffs have a rage menagerie all their own.

There’s Nut Rage. That’s when the airline chairman’s daughter heaves the macadamias she didn’t ask for at the flight attendant’s head.

Knee Rage, this one has led to aircraft being diverted because of passengers reclining seats and by so doing causing conflict with fellow travellers.

Pyjama Rage is another air travel problem. That’s when First Class customers get Business Class pyjamas. What were the attendants thinking! The sheer effrontery of some servants.

Or when a famous actor urinates into his wine bottle because he can’t “go visit Mrs Murphy,” due to the seat belt sign coming on. Unfortunately he missed and soaked the carpet, which then took the crew two hours to fumigate and clean.

Then there is good ole Naked Rage. This is when a passenger acts bizarrely on a flight, disembarks, rips his gear off and stands there shouting at people. Enter the police with a taser gun.

Toddler Rage is when a toddler refuses to settle down and is asked to leave a plane, with parents in tow.

Barking Rage is a little different. I like it. It shows ingenuity. This is when a passenger kicks, punches and tries to bite the flight attendants, all the while barking like a dog.

Drama queen behaviour often comes across as flippant and insouciant. A giggle to be had. In reality it isn’t. In reality it’s a cry for help. A cry for relief of pain. More often than not you can’t do a thing for a person expressing it, except … understand.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #237

The Thought I Woke Up With #236

The real power behind the throne

The brain, it is said is the most powerful thing within the human body. It is, you could say, the master and commander. The heartbeat is triggered by an electrical signal from the brain, as is breathing, thoughts, body temperature … everything. Brain decides, the body part ordered dutifully follows, as best as it can.

There is something more powerful that the brain however. Absolutely more powerful. So powerful in fact it cuts the brain off at the knees, so to say.

That something is laughter.

Laughter cuts across everything. Literally.

If one can laugh when they are ill, for example, they will get better quicker. Equally, it has been said, if one is of a grim and severe disposition generally, they are likely to become ill. I’m not sure about that as a blanket statement, nevertheless it is absolutely a fact of life that happy people are easier people to be around, healthy or sick.

Laughter has an energy all its own. A most powerful energy. So powerful that it stops the brain, and mind for that matter, in their tracks. When you laugh, the brain, and mind, disappear. You could say that laughter is the vehicle that transports you into heaven. Heaven being a state of mind, obviously.

That, brings into focus the whole dimension of control. By that I mean, everything happens in mind. And You Can control your mind. It’s your mind after all.

Difficult concept to accept for a great many, as they walk through cities, climb immovable looking mountains, and try to talk a policeman out of issuing a speeding ticket, but, none the less it’s true. Just think dreaming.

When you dream, does not the dream appear real? Do you not find yourself feeling, acting and doing as you do in so called real life? Of course you do. And where does all that stuff happen? No one I’m aware off actually builds cities, dungeons and skyscrapers, or chases bad guys and things in their bed while experiencing dreams and nightmares. It all happens in mind.

Life as we know it is the same deal, same concept. And you know what? It’s about as meaningful too. Think about it this way if you will. All the rubbish and drama human beings conjure up, oh look at poor me, you done me wrong, you this, you that, you such and such …

… how about one just stops for a moment, just one moment— that’s not a long time right— it want take away from lunch, self pity, a beer or shooting the shit with friends right? Take just one little solitary moment, and take ownership. Do that and bam! Right there. Right in that instant, life changes.

Taking ownership is the one and only true purpose of being here. The only purpose really! Everything else is but a distraction.

What’s that got to do with the brain?

Simply this. True life and reality take place beyond the brain. So does the decision to reconnect.

Just like the real power behind the throne of a dream you dream in your bed when asleep is you, so is your true Self the power behind this dream you call your earthly life.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #236

The Thought I Woke Up With #235

Cowgirls don’t cry

I came across a country song lyric this morning that caught my attention, and it just went and muscled its way into being the “The Thought,” to write about.

The lyric kind of reminded me of my two daughters and the things I talked about when they were growing up. Sometimes the talk/teaching isn’t perhaps always the best. It is however, always done with the absolutely best of intentions.

No father wants to see his little girl have her heart broken. But deep down he knows it’s bound to happen somewhere down the track. That’s just the way it is on the Blue Planet. So we prepare them as best we can.

Isn’t it funny though, you’d rather have your daughter being a heartbreaker than having her heart broken, and yet, a heartbreaker breaks someone’s heart. What about that poor bugger? It’s all about me and mine I suppose. Just another Blue Planet farce, nonetheless, farce or not you just want your baby to get up after one of life’s falls, hang tough, dust herself off, and ride on. As the lyric says:

Cowgirls don’t cry, ride, baby, ride
Lessons of life show us all in time
Too soon God will let you know why
If you fall get right back on
The good Lord calls everybody home
Cowgirl don’t cry.

Unfortunately, sometimes we teach them a little too well. Sometimes we teach this flawed lesson so well that they hold onto the pain and anguish that has no right being there. Pain and anguish a child of Creation has no place holding onto, nursing, rocking and nurturing as if it were a precious newborn. That kind of holding onto is akin to taking a mouthful of poison and holding it in the mouth while it slowly seeps into the tissue and makes its way through the body.

Isn’t it just so crazy, so insane, how we dress up grotesqueness and parade it around as some kind of nobleness and strength? Look at me, look at me! I’m holding a beast inside my heart. Aren’t I brave and strong for not tossing it into the pit where it belongs!

Look at it all, dear reader. Force open at least one eye. That’ll do to start. And look. Reality isn’t this. It simply cannot be.

And for those of you who believe in Jesus. The one they refer to as the Savior. The one who taught Love and peace and Joy and Happiness. You too look. Don’t be led by the nose like some prize animal. Look and ask:

Why have they got him on a cross, nailed in place, in pain, suffering. Helpless.

Jesus the Son of God, helpless? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Children of God, children of Creation do not suffer. They do not cry or wring their hands in desperation and anguish. They are immortal and reside in a happy place.

Let me tell you something. If Jesus made a comeback, he’d take a torch to the churches, the mosques and all other places of so called worship, and burn them to the ground, as a matter of priority.

Love has no place in golden trinkets, bejewelled staffs and flowing robes made of finest silks and cottons. Those things belong in the devils house. As that’s where they actually are.

So to all daughters in the world, we haven’t got everything right, us fathers, in fact, we got more wrong than right, particularly when it comes to the world into which we brought you, but, of one thing you can be assured, we do always love you.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #235

The Thought I Woke Up With #234


To everyone celebrating Christmas, Jesus’ birthday … Merry Christmas. Enjoy the day and feel the love He stood for.

Some wander why God would have one of his own take on the human form, send them to this Blue Planet to walk amongst us, the sleepwalkers, to teach about His good self. Why wouldn’t He just use his unspeakably mighty powers to cleanse the muddled minds of the sleepwalkers and thereby return us to where we’re supposed to be, namely with Him.

Because it doesn’t work that way. Free will and all that. We can be guided, educated and gently pointed in the right direction, but we cannot, ever, under any circumstances, be compelled to do anything. Even if doing so is for our own good. So God did the next best thing. He sent Jesus to deal with us. So to speak.

The below excerpt, from an internet site I stumbled upon called “Keep Believing Ministries,” outlines the reason behind Jesus’ coming to walk and teach amongst humanity pretty well, I think:

Let’s suppose that I owned an ant farm, and for reasons known only to myself, I loved those ants more than anything in the world. How could I communicate my love to them? I could shout, “I love you,” but because I speak English and they speak ant, they wouldn’t understand. I could write them a letter, but they couldn’t read it. I could shrink down to ant size, but they wouldn’t recognize me. But if I had supernatural powers, there is one thing I could do. I could take on the form of an ant, be born as an ant, live as an ant, and communicate as they do. Then I could find a way to say, “I love you.”

For the non-Christians … Merry Christmas. Enjoy the day and feel the love.

Almost an identical message to the one I offered the Christians you notice. Indeed. Love doesn’t differentiate.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #234