The Thought I Woke Up With #207

Work in progress

We are a work in progress. That may sound a little simplistic; nonetheless, it is the truth of it. In fact, if you look closely at the way our lives progress and transform based on decisions made, it becomes remarkably clear how much influence we have over them.

Far from being at the mercy of faith and circumstance we have direct control of our destinies. That is just the way it was predetermined by Creation itself. Everything else is a lie.

There is no mystery, magic or romance to it. Everyone’s destiny, everyone’s life purpose, is clear and unambiguous; to reclaim the fundamental freedom and power granted by the Creator to the created, which the created decided to surrender, a thing which in reality isn’t possible however it’s a case of– if you think you can, you can deceive yourself into believing it.

And here we are dear reader, snoring away and doing what we can to help each other to wake up.

Ego has done its utmost to make the process mysterious and unattainable. And let’s give credit where credit is due, ego has done a pretty good job of deception. But not good enough, because we know the reality if it. We feel it. We know, deep down we know, there is more to life than this.

To that end, let us take a close look at our lives. You know what our lives are? Predominantly? Our lives are first and foremost, opportunities.

Our lives are opportunities because every situation, every scenario that happens is an opportunity for release.

Everything in life, everything, has a duel purpose. That is to say, every life situation and scenario is used for one of two purposes. It is either used as the opportunity to release or to keep one enslaved. It is as simple as that. Choosing wisely is the key. Choosing wisely however isn’t always easy. Is it? But as long as we try, that is enough to start. He who tries will always succeed. Perhaps not at first try, or second, or even third, but succeed they will.

Be aware, those of you setting out on the road to freedom. An interesting thing happens as you go deeper into it. Very often those with whom you have shared your life become distant. At times even hostile. Try not to let this bother you. Move on regardless. That too is just the way it is.

Khalil Gibran, put that part of it beautifully when he wrote:

“Only yesterday I was no different than them, yet I was saved. I am explaining to you the way of life of a people who say every sort of wicked thing about me because I sacrificed their friendship to gain my own soul. I left the dark paths of their duplicity and turned my eyes toward the light where there is salvation, truth, and justice. They have exiled me now from their society, yet I am content. Mankind only exiles the one whose large spirit rebels against injustice and tyranny. He who does not prefer exile to servility is not free in the true and necessary sense of freedom.” 

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #207

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