The Thought I Woke Up With #206


There’s a phenomenon that puzzles some, and politicians in general; which in itself shouldn’t surprise anyone because if it isn’t in their best interest politicians don’t bother with it. All politicians have grave inferiority issues. That’s why they spend every waking moment fretting over popularity and opinion polls. A politician will do almost anything that will win him or her votes. It’s about as pathetic as it gets.

Back to the phenomenon at point however, and it is this. Why is it that people who are taken in from war-torn countries, run by murderous and despotic regimes, and offered peace and prosperity, find it difficult to fit into their new countries? They drag the attitude and hostility to their new homelands as if those things were gifts to be cherished.

Very often you hear refugees and migrants wistfully reflect, In my country we do this. In my country we do that. It’s like they are turtles, forever attached, forever dragging their home on their backs. Listening to them you’d swear they cherished the harshness from which they came.

They say and feel as they do because their old country is cherished. War and all. It is their home and will forever be their home. Nothing can change that. They had a part in creating it. The new home, the new country, isn’t theirs. It is an environment created by others. They must now readjust, reprogram.

And that is the most difficult thing you can ask any human being to do: reprogram him or herself. Many would rather die than even attempt to.

As an aside, that also explains why attaining enlightenment is for most such a challenge, it’s all about reprograming.

So in many ways, turtles are fortunate. They don’t need to reprogram. Their home is wherever they happen to be … literally.

So is our true true home forever within easy reach, we just need to open the door and step in.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #206

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