The Thought I Woke Up With #202

You want the ultimate orgasm?

Now there’s a question, for a spiritualist to ask, ay? Do you want the ultimate orgasm?

Why not though?

Spiritualists have orgasms too. Unless they belong to some kooky (in this context kooky meaning unpleasantly peculiar) cult that says, No sex! If you ever come across one of them dear reader, run the other way. Such sects and such people are creepy, ignorant, and very dangerous.

Anti sex zealots will tell you that sex is unhealthy, ungodly, dirty and bad, and all that stuff. Onto them I say, chewy on your boot. Ever see a naked person fighting a war? Ever see a hippie knifing someone because they are disagreeable? Bet not. Seen plenty of religious, We must wait till we get to heaven to get our rocks off, freaks, bigots and dogmatists do a lot of killing however.

So, back to the question, do you want the ultimate orgasm? C’mon you know you do. I can see you smiling. Everyone does. Least ways they should. To get the ultimate orgasm one must first find the right person. To do that one must put oneself out there; get out and meet people. Get out and experience, and experiment. You can’t hide in your room and expect to attract what’s rightfully yours. You got to lower the drawbridge and step out.

But as soon as you decide to get things done, to make some moves, red flags! What if something bad comes along? What if an unwanted occurrence happens? What if, what if, what if? Much safer behind my walls, with my trusty drawbridge raised.

Yes it’s true. A raised drawbridge keeps you safe. But it also keeps you prisoner. And here’s one just for you, dear reader: To get to the Creator, you must get past the devil.

You see, the devil, and the Creator, use the same entrance. Walk across the same drawbridge. And you’re in charge of the drawbridge. That’s not what they teach in Sunday school, I know. Or any religious school. In fact they teach the opposite. Shut that devil away. Turn him away. Run the other way, run son, run. You know why? Because they don’t ever want you to meet this devil guy.

They don’t want you to hear the devils side of the story. They don’t want you to look him the eye, to see him for what he is. Because as long you’re afraid of the devil, you’re afraid of the Creator too.

You see the devil lives in your heart. Right next door to the Creator. And your heart has only one doorway. One way in, one way out. You must open the door. Face what’s there.

When you face the devil you realize the fundamental truth, which is just this: the devil has all the power you give him.

They don’t want you to understand that. Because through illusion, unfounded fear, and religious mumbo-jumbo they keep you under control.

Your drawbridge keeps everyone out, and you feel safe behind your personal walls of Jericho. But you know, those fortifications also keep you prisoner.

A free person, a truly free soul lowers the drawbridge and pulls down the walls and takes a walk on the wild side, struts into the open spaces. A free person walks into the forest.

But what if the wolf comes. Everyone knows the big bad wolf is out there, in the forest. Waiting. Lurking. Everyone knows that the devil is out there too, waiting, in the dark of night, in the darkened doorways and dim recesses. He’s waiting. Okay. But then so is the Creator. Can’t have one without facing the other cowgirl, so get yourself out there.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #202

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