The Thought I Woke Up With #200

Wherever you are, be there

I’ve heard it said that, “It’s better to travel well than to arrive.” Makes perfect sense when you consider it. When we are focused on the destination, on arriving, on tomorrow, we are almost literally letting life slide by. Life is a moment-to-moment proposition. The only life we have, the only future there is and the only thing that will ever be, is whatever is happening right now.

It’s like the people who carry on about heaven, nirvana, or whatever word they happen to have representing their particular eternal place, eternal destination. They can describe it in detail. ‘It’s beautiful,’ they say, ‘there’s no death, you dwell with God, it’s blissful 24/7, it’s full of angels, it’s this, it’s that.’ They can describe it in detail. Just ask them. Even if you don’t ask them they’ll tell you.

One question. How would they know?

Did they do a personal inspection; do a guided tour, perhaps? No. Has anyone come back from there and described the place to them? No. Did they get a personal invite with one of those cute little road maps? I don’t think so.

What these people are doing is fantasizing, hallucinating about something they have no idea about. They are wasting their now moments, by concocting fanciful tales of places they think will bring them eternal happiness. These folks are almost always elitist snobs too. Their god is superior, their religion is a cut above, they can suffer more, prey harder, sing louder, sacrifice above and beyond, resist temptation like no other and so on and so forth; anything you can do I can do better type deal.

Their other key problem is they are describing heavenly life as an extension of earthly life; to them heaven is earth minus the hardships, challenges, travel schedules, supermarket lines and any kind of labour. Oh, and that pesky thing called death is done away with also. Life in this heaven is one long, funkadelic, tikki-tour frolic.

And the snob part? Ah, not everyone gets through the turnstiles here. No way Jose. You got to pass the obedience test. Forego all your own reasoning and intelligence. You need to believe in a god that is so bloodthirsty and vengeful he makes Attila the Hun look like a boy scout. Otherwise it’s off into the pit with you! Where your eternity will be filled with fun activities like getting a fork stuck up your clacker as regular as clockwork while working the furnace turned up to impossible to stand temps. Then when you get home, which is a filthy, disgusting place where you are served spoiled food, your ongoing torture continues. When you finally collapse into bed, which is filled with rotting things and crawling maggots, you are again accosted by demons who have their way with you. And why? Because! That’s why. Oh, and it’s written. God said. What a schlep, don’t you know anything? Aren’t you listening?

The bottom line to all this nonsense is this. There is no God to punish you. The Creator does not punish. Let me ask this— do you know anyone who punishes their child for having a dream? A nightmare? Of course not. That would be like totally insane, right? Of course it would.

So how does anyone believe that the Creator would punish his child, his Creation, for dreaming?

I mean seriously. The very idea is preposterous.

What we need to do however is work on our own waking up. We put ourselves to sleep and we must awaken.

Start by not spending precious now moments fantasizing about the future. Be wherever you are. Yes. Wherever you are, be there. Not in some imagined place yet to come. Not in some place you have already been. But be here. Now.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #200

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