The Thought I Woke Up With #199

The Rooster

I’m not very big on cartoons. Was reading the Sunday newspaper and came across one that has stuck in my mind though, made me laugh out loud actually, and keeps coming back to mind.

This cartoon was by an artist called Sols and it shows a guy holding a none too happy looking chicken in one hand and an axe in the other. The chicken is about to have its head placed on the chopping block, and the guy is saying, You haven’t laid a single egg since I got you. Got anything to say in your defence before I KNOCK YOUR BLOCK OFF?!

To which the chicken replies, How about COCK-A-DOODLEDOOO!!

As I said, I found that funny. Then it occurred to me. How often do we go off ‘half cocked?’ If you’ll pardon the pun.

How often do we run off into battle, so to speak, with only a portion of the information we should have; lacking adequate preparation or consideration? I would say that happens way, way, too often. Indeed, I’d go as far as to say human beings make the majority of their decisions, often life altering, half-cocked.

People go off half-cocked for three basic reasons; they like the sound of a thing and don’t want to hear the potential negatives. They have something to hide or are afraid of the full and proper briefing, or, they simply don’t take the time to look at the situation from its various angles.

Here is an example that happens far, far too often, leads to ongoing unhappiness, and time and again, tragedy. Boy meets girl. They like the look of each other. The heat is on, rhyme or reason is scoffed at; reality takes a back seat; they take no notice of red flags, warning signs and clearly incompatible personality traits and quirks. You’d be forgiven for thinking the following verse from the Andy Williams song, Wrong For Each Other, is the official anthem:

I couldn’t explain it
I can’t tell you why
I’ve got such a talent
For making you cry

Another great one is disrespect. Someone hears something was said about them. It’s disrespectful. It doesn’t matter the information is third or forth hand, it’s got to get sorted! It’s got to get sorted now. And before you know it, someone’s been stabbed or shot to death.

There are numerous examples of this “going off half cocked,” phenomenon. For all our blustering and grandstanding about thinking, intelligence, brains and peace to the world stuff, we go off reeking havoc without facts or figures with absolutely monumental regularity.

Let me take a slight detour here, and say that some readers may at this point find some potential for confusion. That is to say, spiritualists and similar type teachers often talk about rising above mind, thereby effectively leaving thinking behind in toto.

But when you think about it, the two concepts are not even similar yet alone the same. Rising above mind is to return the Self into its natural state, Creation. As opposed to using mind more effectively in the ego state.

Running off and doing things without proper thought and consideration brings you undone even in ego. Thinking about not thinking, and not thinking period, are very different concepts.

When will human beings start to think their actions and motions through?

I can answer that question dear reader. Humans in ego will start to think things through when the rooster mentioned at the top of this blog, lays its first egg.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #199

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