The Thought I Woke Up With #195


What is peace? It’s certainly talked about a lot. Worried about by many. And has huge amounts of money and resource spent on it.

But what is it?

Peace is neutral territory. The safe space. Everyone’s welcome there. It isn’t happiness, and it isn’t joy. If peace were a nation it’d be Switzerland.

You could also say that being in peace is like being in the middle of a fertile farm; you can grow anything you like, be anything you like and do anything you like, so long is it doesn’t violate someone else’s peace.

So it is with mind. A state of peace is the state you want. Not happiness. Not joy. Not delight, bliss or love. All those things express themselves on the canvass of mind but something of ultimately greater importance happens when mind is at peace, and only when mind is at peace— Freedom to exit.

By freedom to exit I mean, when mind is at peace it allows the Higher Self to connect you with Creation, whereby you exit ego. This cannot happen unless mind is at peace.

When all is said and done, one simple fact remains; for your mind to be of use to you it must be at peace.

When mind is ‘clocked on,’ working its normal gig, it is anything but peaceful. When your mind is doing its thing, it is deceiving you, keeping you awake at night with farfetched fears, churning thoughts, cold sweats and gut-wrenching anxieties. It is, essentially, in a state of madness.

When mind is in a state of peacefulness all those things disappear. Mind ceases to be in a state of madness. It becomes an empty boat, resting gently within the Universal Self. This is when you attain what the Buddhists call the state of no mind.

One of the reasons, one of the key reasons, becoming what is referred to as the Watcher, is so valuable is because when you have learned to be a watcher, you make sense of mind and its machinations, you witness its operations, so to say. You see mind for what it is. And once you have done that, once you have seen and learned what mind does, how it does it and why it does it, turning it into an instrument of your deliberate choices and desires, i.e. a turning it into your servant, as opposed to master, becomes a matter of option.

When one is in a state of peace one is doing themselves and the world the ultimate service.

As Lewis Carroll put it:

“You have no mind to be unkind,

Said echo in her ear:

No mind to bring a living thing

To suffering or fear.

Foe all that’s bad, or mean or sad, you have no mind,

My dear.”

Until tomorrow,



The Thought I Woke Up With #195

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