The Thought I Woke Up With #194

The World of Man

We talk about this ego world a lot. It is after all where we believe ourselves to be. And as long as we see it as real, it’s real enough. It’s no different from dreams and nightmares; those too are real until one wakes up.

Trying to see the world as “unreal” is not the best of ways to see it for what it actually is. If a dog has bitten into your leg and is gnawing at it, pretending it isn’t happening may not be the best way to get rid of the dog.

You’ve heard the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do?” The same applies. The way out of ego is by undoing things egotistical. If it were possible to just snap ones fingers and transport back into Creation that would be swell and dandy but that’s not how things work.

As such, focus on seeing the world as it actually is. In Him & Me I describe it as follows:

This world is a dog-eat-dog, only-the-fit-survive, the-cream-rises-to-the-top, Balmain-boys-don’t-cry, type of world. Even when you so-called win, you never totally win; there’s always a better way you could have done it; there’s always more to learn, more to do, more to defend. You’re never quite there, never bright enough, never attractive enough and never strong enough. There is always a lack and the lack is judged and sentenced severely indeed. They will judge someone as the most gorgeous person in the world but ‘did you see the pimple?’ It’s that kind of system.

Seeing the world as it actually is brings you to the understanding that love, peace and joy, must lay elsewhere, and so the journey begins.

From small questions big answers come.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #194

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