The Thought I Woke Up With #193

Everyone wants the popular model

“This is our most popular model,” the salesman says. “Everyone wants one of these babies.”

“What about that one?” The buyer asks, pointing to a different model.

“Oh, that’s great too, it’s just that we haven’t sold many of those.”

So what does the buyer generally do? They get the most popular model.

Why? Because if the majority are buying it, it must be good? Because it’s the safe option. Because if one sticks with the mob they become one of the cool kids, and it’s like, “Just brought myself a brand new car?”

“Really, what you get?”

“A super-duper, super sleek sports.”

“Hey, I’ve got one of those.”

“Excellent, the salesman told me it was the most popular.”

“You got that right. It is! Welcome to the club girlfriend!”

And off they go, happy and proud to be in the “club.”

What club? The popularity club. The invisible joining of those afraid to stand out. Club motto: Everyone’s an individual, in the same way.

Unfortunately there’s nothing even remotely humerous about this most dastardly of human traits. Some of the greatest crimes against humanity have been executed by human beings acting under the influence of so-called lynch mob mentality.

It seems humans, generally speaking, would rather eat their own feces than be seen as the whack-job standing on the corner wearing their underwear over their outwear. Unless they’re the Superguy. Or should we say, Superperson, this being 2016 and all.

It has always been thus. In fact I would suggest this lemming-like mentality started with man’s climbing out of the trees. The earliest man quickly learned aloneness is not conducive to survival. Aloneness meant death.

A lot has changed since the great apes clambered down from the trees. Except that human beings still have an uncontrollable urge to hang out in groups.

There is a price to pay for belonging to a group however. It is unseen and not spoken of in blatantly obvious terms. That price is uniformity and conformity.

On the surface the price of membership mentioned, uniformity and conformity, may sound trite and trivial, however, make no mistake, it is adhered to beyond all else. Ones associates in a club, let us say, may declare devotion and commitment to each other that is supremely powerful and binding. In fact members may well be prepared to lay their lives on the line for each other. Until, a member breaks a club rule, at which time the rule breaker is quickly and unceremoniously dealt and dispensed with. So much for the love of the individual. Group safety and survival is what is important. Individuality means trouble.

It is interesting to watch a person breaking away from the norms, from the sheeple mentality.

First they are tolerated. Then they are shunned. Sometimes persecuted or ridiculed. Then, if they pass the so-called tests and genuinely no longer need the herd, they are admired.

As we say down under, We’re a weird mob. Us humans that is.

Thing is, eventually, everyone has to break off and follow their own path in order to get to the only destination that truly matters.

You know what that destination is? One word answer … Freedom!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #193

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