The Thought I Woke Up With #192

Gods and Football Teams

When you support a team, any team, any sport, whenever that team plays, your chances of losing are always 50%. That’s it. It’s only when you watch a game in which you do not have any investment, when you don’t support either team that your chances of losing are nil.

You may think the above statement to be on the so what, and bemusing side. Like, okay, and …

Just this. Whenever we support anything but our own betterment and re-entry into happiness and Love we are dividing our energies between things that do not matter. Wasting time on the inconsequential at the expense of the Self.

When I say that the only thing of any consequence is our reconnecting with Love and Truth I mean that utterly. A game of football, netball, or pinochle for that matter, is no different, no better or worse, than going to a funeral.

Now that might get some folks a little motivated. How can you compare going to some sporting event with going to a funeral? One may even be accused of sacrilege and wickedness. Well colour me rude and call me Irreverence, but when you don’t believe in the death concept you kind of find it hard to take the whole ego carryon about death seriously.

All human journeys end. Everyone knows that. Everyone. So when one journey ends and the Soul is released back into Creation, what is there to mourn? Let us mourn, bemoan and bewail ones return into happiness and forever Love. Please.

Besides, if you followed my football team you’d prefer a good funeral than watching them lose week after week too.

I use the funeral, sporting event analogy just because it comes to mind, you can use any comparison, it’s all the same thing and there is no order of difficulty.

The idea is to see everything as the same thing. Worldly atrocities; the lowest of the lows and the highest of highs are the same orphans wearing different coats.

When you stop supporting anything. When you start observing it all impartially, that will be the time you have the first taste of freedom. Supporting things is a drag. Literally. It saps energy and turns your eyes away from Love and Truth.

That means stopping the support for any gods and deities. God doesn’t need your support. God the Creator is doing just fine. Respect, yes. Reverence, yes. Love, yes. Support? Not required.

You see it’s all about you. It’s all about us as individuals. It’s all about us realizing the reality and understanding we are not in fact either separate nor alone.

Spirituality is not about god. What is God the Creator going to do with spirituality? Spirituality is about you. It’s personal. It’s about as personal as anything can get.

No one can get you, or me, your next door neighbor, brother in law, son or daughter out of the clutches of ego. Everyone has to do it for themselves.

Everyone’s salvation rests in his and her own hands. Supporting anything but their own salvation therefore is to be placing limitations on that all-meaningful task.

Except maybe send a little goodwill towards my Titans, we need it.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #192

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