The Thought I Woke Up With #191

Hey, what you doin’?

What do fear, hate, sadness, anger, trust and love have in common? They are all exactly the same energy, emanating from the very same source. It’s the individual that allocates the feelings and the responses to them.

Think Christmas lights. Remove the coloured outer shell and they are all the same. Flick the switch and they all go out.

We decide what colour to allocate to a feeling and our response to it. Everyone will agree that fear is, for example, a powerful negative. Everyone agrees because that’s what has been drilled into them for birth. People have been known to die as a result of fear; have heart attacks and what not.

Yet who can describe fear? Who can say what it means? One person can break into a cold sweat at the thought of snakes for example. Or carry on and screech looking at a cockroach or a mouse. I’m scared, they shriek.

Compare those fears with a soldier putting his or her life on the line, literally, without any of the carryon mentioned above.

That’s not the way to look it however, because, everything is relevant. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure type thing. We as individuals, allocate the weight and the value to our emotions. The individual is in charge of the relevance.

You may not necessarily agree with those observations; that the individual is in charge of their thoughts and feelings. It’s not like you’re sitting there, bored, and decide to muster up a scenario or two to terrorize yourself with. Seems irrational and ridiculous, right? And it is both those things.

But that’s exactly what we do. And it is in fact a lot worse than irrational and ridiculous. It is downright crazy.

Everything we do should be looked at in reverse. For example. We say we want peace, yet war is the lifeblood of humanity. We say we want love; hate is rife and getting rifer. Freedom is on everyone’s lips, yet there have never been more rules, regulations and oppression. Safety is another thing proclaimed as being a priority but the world is most probably the least safe than it has ever been. Nature and the environment overall are important, everyone says that; how’s it looking where you are? Where I am it’s a case if there’s a decision to be made between making a dollar or saving a tree? Get that chainsaw son! We say we love our children and young folks, but we don’t even think twice about sending them off to some godforsaken place to fight and die. And for what?

What am I saying?


Stop and think about things. Just stop for a little bit. Stop rushing, stop being busy and look. Sit quietly, turn off the mobile and look, inside and outside.

Look. Why are things happening as they are? Why are you accepting them? What will happen in the end (Apart from death)? Are you happy?

Upend. Turn things over. Look at life from the other end. What can you do differently? What will make you happy? What will make any real difference right now? Not in a year, or two or ten, but now. Whatever you do now will determine the outcome.

Try Again. You don’t need to make huge changes. Start with little ones. Here’s a suggestion. A good start. Decide to spend five minutes in the morning, and five minutes just before going to bed on yourself. Take quiet time. Meditate. That’s it. Surely you can do that for yourself. And see where it leads.

See how it feels when you get to the center of the Holy Onion.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #191

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