The Thought I Woke Up With #188

You’re IT

I don’t believe in myself. No. I do not.

If you have read this blog for any length of time, or my book HIM & ME, you’d know I prefer to use the term Creator, as opposed to god, because Creator is the One, whereas ‘god’ has been hijacked by the bible and made into a caricature. Well I don’t believe in the Creator either.

And you know, dear reader, there was a time when both of those things would have bothered me. Not any more. Now, being a nonbeliever is as normal as breathing. It’s a beautiful thing in fact.

Now let me tell you what has replaced my not believing in myself. Knowledge. I know myself. And, also, I have got to know my Creator.

Are these just words I’m offering you? Semantics? Far from it. The difference between believing and knowing is real, and it is vast.

When you say I believe, you are actually saying that you don’t know about this or that. You haven’t had personal experience with it. When you say I believe in myself, therefore, what you are in fact saying is, I don’t know myself. I’m not real. I’m a belief.

On the other hand when you ‘know yourself,’ you have in fact experienced yourself. You know yourself and have accepted that which you are. There is nothing semantically connected with that. Knowing is reality. Believing isn’t.

Beliefs are based on words. Knowledge is based on fact and experience. Being a believer is being gullible. Gullibility has only one outcome, disillusionment and failure.

Whenever someone says, ‘I believe god will provide!’ He or she really means, ‘I’m hoping like all get-up this works out.’ May as well just cross fingers. ‘I believe Jesus will save me!’ Oh, alright, how do you know, and when’s he coming for you?

‘I believe I will achieve great things.’ I sincerely wish you all the very best with that. But how’s it working out for you?

When a guy says I know the Creator, on the other hand, that guy has experienced the One and knows IT to be real. No belief required.

Bosses want you to believe in yourself, they even send you on courses to learn how to.

Priests and politicians too want you to believe in yourself.

All these folks want you to believe in yourself because they know that as long as you believe you don’t know. You remain ignorant. You remain a puppet. And puppets are muchly  loved. They smile politely and dance to the tune. Puppets are to be exploited. Work them hard, throw them crumbs and have them depend on you.

Do you believe? Or do you know?

The choice for either is up to you, and you alone. You are It!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #188

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