The Thought I Woke Up With #187

Get Naked

Everyone’s an individual. Unique. Special. Just ask them. If everyone actually believed that about him or herself, and was, it’d be awesome. It’d be awesome for the individuals and the world. Indeed the world wouldn’t be the place we have now. Not even remotely close.

But this individuality, when contrasted with the actual reality, is so twisted that if you were an alien; a visitor from the outer space, you’d be excused for thinking that Individual actually means Same.

Look at the way things are with us. The reality is startling. Most every individual has a crowd they hangout with; a pack they run with. In that crowd, or pack, they wear very similar clothing, go to the same places to be seen and do whatever they do. They speak their own slang, sport their own haircuts and have similar views and values.

It is quite bizarre. Say this, do the opposite. Like the Native American Tribes that had people called Contraries, and Contraire Warriors. These men literally did everything in reverse. A Contraire warrior would attack when a retreat was ordered and fall back when the order to attack came.

But this goes much deeper than people calling themselves individuals but in reality being part of a herd.

If you observe the goals, aspirations and values of people in general, you will note that it is almost literally a case of, spot an individual amongst the lemmings, all rushing toward the same end.

Take money for instance. The majority of human waking time is spent chasing it down; accumulating it, whilst at the same time pretending that money isn’t important. Money doesn’t matter. Money can’t buy you love.

But what does money really represent?

People say money represents safety, security, easier life. In reality what money really represents is power, political clout, strength, and dominance over others. Money for the sake of money is pure ego. Pure bad.

Pure bad because it kills hope, health and happiness. There you are, working hard, burning the midnight oil, sacrificing, doing the right thing, setting the good example for the kids. All the while the kids just want to play with you, enjoy you, learn from you. Love you. No time for that. We got to get a house, a car, a holiday house. A good education.

Then, you finally get it. You’ve arrived. Now what? A rude shock that’s what. You’ve either grown apart from those that matter or your health isn’t as good as it ought to be, or both.

Or, you have the loot but no life. Worse still everything’s paid off, they’ve stuck a gold watch around your wrist, a golf club in your hand, and told you to go relax! Enjoy! You‘ve earned it! But there’s a problem. You don’t know how to enjoy or relax. So you sit there like a salami, get sick, and die.

Life, from start to finish is a very mean, very cruel, very elaborate lie. Unless you wake up to it sufficiently enough and see the traps. See through it. Tell the world to get stuffed.

The answer is to see life without its veils and masks and clothes. To see it naked and exposed. And it isn’t pretty. They tell you it is. But it isn’t.

When you get naked you see life’s blemishes and fatal flaws.

Yes, money is required. That’s just part of the setup. You want to eat? You need to buy food. Ego minions and servants have made sure growing your own food is no longer an option. They’ve blessed you with aisles and aisles of mass-produced, sugar laden, fat dripping, artificially flavoured goodies to choose from in your local supermarket instead.

In order to get a little perspective back, and to subsequently have a pleasant deathbed experience, (and no, that’s not negative, it’s very positive in fact) you need to step back and see the ridiculousness of it.

And there’s no way to see reality better than to get into, and be in, the moment.

When you’re in the moment you are in fact totally naked. You shed all ego and you experience love and godliness first hand. And that is beyond awesome.

So get naked. You know you want to. And you know you’ll like it. Deep down you know.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #187

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