The Thought I Woke Up With #186

Creative People

It is said that highly creative people are more often than not highly sensitive people. In other words these folks see and feel things more acutely, respond to the world with a heightened sense of wakefulness and are as a result a lot more susceptible to the crassness, ignorance and evildoing flowing through the fabric of humanity.

Being creative is too often associated with writers, artists, musicians, poets, actors and so on, only; in other words people actively pursuing the creative ventures. I say that because one most certainly does not need to be in the arts, to be creative. In fact the Creatives who are in the actual artistic fields are in a minority. A very small minority.

Human beings have forever had a fascination, and an unhealthy craving, for bright lights and shiny things. Those in the Arts are by virtue of what they do, in the public eye and therefore under the spotlights. They are therefore those shiny things I am referring to, the flames that burn bright.

So like moths to the flame the masses haste, to adore and idolize, and in the process miss the true magnitude of their own reality.

Everyone, and I do mean Every-One has creativity within them. How can this be otherwise? We all have the One Creator. Are made of the same stuff. Come in the same way. Leave, in the same way. Cannot survive without food, water and oxygen, etcetera. etcetera. etcetera.

The other thing common to all humans is the mad desire to hide. We are fear driven. No. Not just fear driven, terror driven. The only thing we are better at than being terrified is lying; to ourselves. We create self-deceiving lie-webs of such grandeur and complexity that leave even us breathless.

Putting certain people up on pedestals while at the same time ignoring our own makeup and brilliance is but another diversion from the truth. That’s all it is.

“But I can’t sing, dance, write poetry, act or play an instrument; drawing a cat is a challenge of the ages. So how can you say I’m creative?” You ask.

Well I’m glad you asked.

Have you ever been in a hospital? Seen a doctor? Had your car, shoes, washing machine or whatever, repaired?

I’m sure everyone has had an experience with one or more of the above mentioned.

Now tell me this, based on your experiences with folks that served you in some way or other, have you come across those that were truly wonderful at it. Cheerful, couldn’t do enough for you? Faultless quality of work? Folks that were just a joy to be around?

Of course you have. I know you have. Everyone has. Well, those folks are the ones who have found the vehicle through which to express their creativity.

The question isn’t whether you, or anyone else is creative. That’s a given. The question is whether you have found the vehicle, and the desire, to express your creativity through …

… and if you have not, why not?

And finally, do not ever be afraid to be sensitive. Sensitivity being a weakness is but another erroneous belief aimed at shutting out reality.

Being sensitive to another for example is a strength not a weakness. Being able to feel is a strength not a weakness. To say I love you, and mean it, is a great strength.

To disable ones feelings is to disconnect from life.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #186

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